YouTube Music is ending its precise location-based song recommendations

YouTube Music
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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music is changing the way it recommends songs to users.
  • Beginning September 26, the service will discontinue precise location-based music recommendations.
  • You will still see song recommendations based on your approximate location.

YouTube Music relies on a number of factors to recommend songs to users, such as precise location, but this is changing soon.

The Google-owned platform announced via its help page that precise location-based song recommendations are going away beginning on September 26. For the uninitiated, YouTube Music has been using your precise location to personalize your music experience, assuming you've granted the app location permission and opted into Google's location history.

The upcoming change means the music streaming service will stop displaying songs such as Workout Essentials playlists, if you're at the gym, or Focus Supermix when you're at work. In addition, the service is removing "all precise location-based recommendations, location settings, and app permissions." Any data collected from your precise location will also be wiped clean.

The service already provides several ways to discover songs you might like. For example, the activity bar at the top of the home page does a good job of recommending songs for working out, focusing, commuting, and other activities. The platform considers this method to be a "better approach to help you soundtrack your day."

Earlier this year, YouTube Music improved its radio algorithm to help you discover new artists. It was part of a massive update to the platform, which included shuffle play support for Wear OS and a new "For the Family" shelf with the Family mix.

While precise location-based recommendations will be phased out soon, there are other ways you can improve your YouTube Music recommendations. For instance, rating the app's recommendations on a regular basis will help the service improve its personalized selection of songs for you. You can also purge your history to that end.

Nonetheless, the upcoming change won't affect song recommendations based on your approximate location. As a result, you'll continue to see top songs charts for your country or weather-related playlists tailored to your city's weather.

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