YouTube rolls out 'Go Live Together' for co-hosting streams on Android

YouTube on Pixel 7 Pro
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What you need to know

  • YouTube rolls out "Go Live Together" on Android and iOS.
  • The feature allows a creator with 50 or more subscribers to co-stream with a guest of their choice.
  • Go Live Together on desktop is being thought of but there is nothing concrete yet.

YouTube's latest feature works to bring people together for collaborative streaming fun.

Team YouTube on Twitter updated its followers by introducing the new "Go Live Together" feature. While this feature isn't exactly coming from left field as YouTube first made mention of this new collaborative feature coming late last year. With its full release, YouTube creators can begin co-hosting live streams with friends and acquaintances on Android and iOS devices.

YouTube details the feature through its help page, stating that eligible creators can invite only one other person to co-stream with you at a time. The creator initiating the co-stream must have 50 or more subscribers, but the guest does not need to adhere to this requirement.

Go Live Together has already started appearing on our devices. Interested creators can open their YouTube app and tap the create "+" icon > Go Live Together to begin. This works similarly to how you'd create a live stream on a computer, with the ability to enter a title, description, and other key elements before going live. There will then be an option to invite your guest which will provide the stream creator with a link to send to their would-be guest. Your guest simply needs to click the link, join, and wait to be brought in.

The video streaming platform does recommend giving a run down to your potential guests about what they can and cannot do while live to avoid breaking guidelines. If something does happen, it will be the host's channel that receives punishment.

Team YouTube has also been answering questions regarding the new collaborative feature's availability on the desktop. At the moment, YouTube is flirting with the idea and will offer another update when this becomes available. Users can, however, schedule a co-hosted stream from their computer through the Live Control Room, but it can only be streamed from their Android or iOS device.

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