WhatsApp's new chat filters give you no more excuses for missing chats

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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp introduces chat filters to allow users to quickly view unread messages or group chats without scrolling through numerous conversations.
  • These filters will appear at the top of the chat list, offering options like All, Unread, and Groups.
  • The filters will be gradually rolled out to users, with availability expected within the next few weeks.

WhatsApp has introduced new chat filters meant to help you see just unread messages or all your groups in a snap, removing the need to scroll through tons of chats to find them.

The new filters will pop up right at the top of your chat list, with options like All, Unread, and Groups. When you open the messaging app, you'll start with the "All" filter, which gives you a view of all your messages. Switch to "Unread" to see only those messages you haven't checked out yet or marked as unread.

These filters are even easier to use than the hidden search bar filter for unread messages. If you're unaware, WhatsApp lets you peek at unread messages through a filter in the search bar. But these new filters make it even easier to find that option when you need it.

Meanwhile, the "Groups" filter has been a hot request, as per WhatsApp. This feature gathers up all your group chats in one spot, so you can sift through your group messages without any hassle. Plus, it'll display subgroups of communities for you.

Before, low-activity groups could easily get lost in the sea of chats. But now, with the Groups filter, you'll have a much better shot at finding them in the crowd.

WhatsApp chat filters

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"We believe filters will make it easier for people to stay organized and find their most important conversations and help navigate through messages more efficiently," WhatsApp said in a blog post. "We’ll continue to build more options to help you focus on what matters most."

The filters are hitting your chats starting today, and everyone will get them over the next few weeks.

WhatsApp's been on a roll with new features. In addition to the filters coming to your chat list, the service added another search feature last month for Android users: searching by date. Now, you can finally pinpoint messages effortlessly based on when they were sent instead of endlessly scrolling for that one message.

And here's a fun fact: this feature is already up and running on iOS, Mac desktop, and WhatsApp Web.

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