Whatsapp Reactions update lets us finally be ourselves

WhatsApp logo on Android
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What you need to know

  • Whatsapp begins rolling out a new update for its "Reactions."
  • The new updates allows users to go from picking only six emojis to an entire keyboard of emojis.
  • The new update may be slow as Whatsapp rolls it out across Android and iOS devices.

Whatsapp is continuing to provide its users with new ways to express themselves. Their latest update sees the messaging platform provide its users with a full emoji keyboard.

Head of Whatsapp, Will Cathcart, brought the news to Twitter about the platform's expanded emoji board. The new update, which is currently rolling out across Android and iOS, will give the Whatsapp emoji reactions an overhaul. Typically, you could only choose from six emojis to use as a reaction to a message. This fact caused the users of the platform to unite their voices in discouragement against this fact. Whatsapp, through a tweeted video, touched on their vocal community.

The new "full emoji keyboard" will be implemented in their "Reactions" for messages featuring the full roster of emojis found anywhere. The image Will Cathcart posted on Twitter shows a mock-up of a message thread between people. Long-pressing a message will treat you to a few emoji reactions as always, but now, there is a plus icon. This plus icon is what you'll tap to browse through every single emoji Whatsapp has brought in.

An update like this is important in the eyes of Whatsapp considering how vocal its community had become due to the limitations. Whatsapp is now allowing for more expression like many other messaging apps.

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