Waze details new safety alerts and navigational tips arriving 'this month'

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What you need to know

  • Waze is detailing several updates designed to refine its safety alerts and navigational tools.
  • Such features involve additional hazard alerts, roadside alerts for first responders, and parking garage information.
  • Waze states these updates are set to arrive "this month" for Android and iOS users.

Set to arrive this month, Waze is preparing a few updates that it hopes will aid users as it adds new safety alerts while on the road.

According to Waze, this upcoming update has a focus on refining safety and the alerts it provides, beginning with our first responders. Waze states drivers will be informed ahead of time about where an emergency vehicle is on the road in the event of an accident. This update is rolling out today for drivers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and France on Android and iOS.

Waze states it will look to bring this update to more countries "soon."

The next road safety update sees Waze preparing to roll out speed limit alerts to the app. The company states that drivers will see these alerts if the speed limit decreases at any point during their route. The app will display a speed limit sign on your route alongside information detailing how far you are from the new limit. Waze adds that speed limit alerts will arrive "this month" on Android and iOS.

Blending safety and navigation are additional hazard alerts courtesy of the Waze community. The company states that this month, drivers will soon see hazard alerts for sharp curves, speed bumps, and toll booths. These alerts join Waze's alerts for potholes, railroad crossings, and more.

Android and iOS users globally are set to receive these new alerts.

Waze is looking to solve the navigational problems a roundabout may pose by rolling in road lane information. The company states the app will soon inform users about which lane they should be in and when they need to exit a roundabout. This information is stated to be brought to users via Waze community members.

Users on Android can expect this to arrive "this month," while iOS folks will have to wait until later this year.

Waze has partnered with Flash to bring users relevant parking information through its app. The post states that users will see available parking garages and any possible fees, alongside wheelchair accessibility data, valet options, and EV charging stations. The app is also said to let drivers reserve parking spaces.

The company states that the Waze app supports parking data for over 30,000 parking garages across the U.S. and Canada. Parking information will roll out for Android and iOS in the next few weeks, with support for major cities such as Chicago, New York, and Montreal.

Waze's final update involves helping users choose their "favorite" route when traveling. Starting this month, drivers will find traffic updates and information on delays when deciding which route to take. More importantly, the Waze app will show a few alternate routes drivers can take if one isn't ideal.

The company states this update will roll out this month to Android and iOS users globally.

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