Aliens might be here, and a new Waze update puts them in your car

Waze introduces a new "Alien driving experience."
(Image credit: Waze)

What you need to know

  • Waze introduces its new Alien driving experience within its hub to make going places a little more fun.
  • The experience brings new Cosmic, Spacey, and Supernova Moods for the Waze Map.
  • Users can also choose a new Alien-themed voice, packed with funny alien word choices to get you through a long drive.

Waze is introducing a brand-new driving experience that's sure to take you out of this world.

According to a press release, Waze announces that users will soon find a customizable "Alien driving experience." The experience can impact a user's appearance (Mood) on the Waze Map while driving around.

Drivers can choose to appear as Cosmic, Spacey, or Supernova and have the option of placing one of these extraterrestrial beings in a Hover Car that would make George Jetson jealous.

Not only can users customize their appearance but additional sound bytes are available, as well. These alien voices will join drivers on the road as they take their kids to school or if they're on the way to work. The voices are intended to provide some added flair as they tell you where your "ocular sighting spheres" (eyes) should look.

Waze states users can change the new Alien moods in their profile settings. If you're looking to change your voice, users can head into their Settings > Voice & Sound > Waze Voice. Switching vehicles can be done by heading into your Settings > Map display > Car icon.

This isn't the first time Waze has wandered the stars with its driving experiences. Early this year, the navigational brand introduced its Zodiac experience alongside the launch of its "Customize Your Drive" hub. Users could select various Zodiac signs for their Mood and vehicle of choice with a voice that reads them their horoscope and directions.

The Customize Your Drive hub opens the doors to a new way to drive. Not only will users discover the new Alien driving experience but they'll have a chance to engage with other themes involving bands, jokes, and celebrity personalities.

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