Elon Musk says Twitter will go dark soon

The Twitter (X) app on the cover screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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What you need to know

  • Twitter's UI will soon default to "Lights-out" dark mode, which Musk says "is superior in every way."
  • Initially, Musk said Lights-out would be the only option but has since reversed his stance, saying only Dim mode would go away.
  • Light mode is often used by users who have vision impairment issues as it provides better contrast for text and less modulation on OLED displays.

Twitter (X) is due for another round of changes in the near future, this time canning a favorite UI feature. Dim mode is going away forever in favor of the "Lights out" mode, meaning users will be able to choose from just one light and one dark mode.

Initially, Musk Tweeted that "dark mode" would be the only option for users in the near future but reversed his stance after backlash. Now, it looks like the "Dim" setting is the only UI color that will be removed in a future update, leaving users with one light and one dark mode option.

Currently, Twitter offers a light mode, Dim mode, and Lights out mode, as demonstrated in the image below. The Twitter app will now default to Lights out mode, and users who prefer light mode can change it in the app.

(Image credit: Android Central)

Light mode is an important UI mode to keep for several reasons. It's easier to see when using phones outside during the day, which is why Android phones offer the ability to schedule dark mode for sunrise and sunset.

In addition to that, PWM-sensitive individuals (like myself) use light mode because it offers a friendlier UI for folks with vision impairment or sensitivity issues. True dark mode UIs, like Lights-out mode on Twitter, cause OLED displays to heavily modulate between extremely dark and extremely bright, which can be straining for human eyes.

Lights-out-style dark modes are thought to be superior usually because of the enhanced contrast, but research is a bit mixed on this thought. Most users seem to read better when using light mode, while users with certain vision issues — like cataracts — find it easier to read in dark mode.

No matter what you prefer, it's always nice to have options that you can choose from instead of being cornered into one decision. Unfortunately, folks who love dim mode might find themselves in search of other social networks once this change takes place. Twitter has undergone a number of huge changes lately, including being rebranded to X earlier this week.

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  • fuzzylumpkin
    What's Twitter? Do you mean "X"?


    I don't know why anyone is still there...
  • cribble2k
    AC News said:
    Twitter is x'ing out yet another feature people love. This time, Elon Musk is threatening to remove the light mode that many users prefer in a future update.

    Elon Musk says Twitter will go dark soon : Read more
    This article is the definition of "slow news day".
  • Morty2264
    fuzzylumpkin said:
    What's Twitter? Do you mean "X"?


    I don't know why anyone is still there...
    LOOL at "what's Twitter?" I try to use it for my author stuff but the UI and the app itself are just... Ugh.
  • Bryan7737
    If we act like it doesn't exist, that would upset him the most. Writing articles about the removal of Dim Mode, is the opposite of acting like he doesn't exist. This man is not a god. Let's forget about him .....
    And find something worthy to write about.