Twitter sends out the first edited Tweet, giving us a better look at how it works

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What you need to know

  • Twitter Blue teases the platform's new edit button feature.
  • An edited icon is now seen through embedded tweets, as well.
  • Twitter Blue members, for $4.99 a month, will have access to this new edit button once it starts testing publicly.

An edit tweet button is a highly requested feature on Twitter, and the company is teasing it once more with the first ever edited tweet.

Fittingly enough, the Twitter Blue account is responsible for its hefty teaser as the edit button nears public testing. The official account for the platform's paid subscription account poked the minds of everyone interested in an edit button by testing if the "edit button works" or not. The tweet also gives us additional insight into how the feature will work when it's live for users to try.

You can see an edit icon (resembling a pencil) next to the tweet if you view the tweet in your feed. However, clicking on the tweet will move the edit icon underneath the tweet next to a timestamp revealing when the edit was made.

Clicking/tapping on the timestamp will provide more information about the edit. From here, you will see a "Version history" of earlier versions of the twee, including how many likes, comments, and retweets it received before the change was made.

Embedded tweets (like the one above!) help us relay information for clarity. In early August, Twitter was seen testing a way of showing that a tweet had been edited through embedded tweets. This icon has now found its way to embedded tweets like the one we're featuring here in this story. This way, users will be able to view the original tweet in case the intent was changed.

It's worth noting that Twitter is only allowing users to edit a tweet within the first 30 minutes of posting it. The company stated that the time restriction is there to "help protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said."

The edit history of a tweet

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And while editing tweets has been a highly requested feature of the platform for years now, there's a big caveat — you will need to become a premium member of Twitter.

The surprise announcement of Twitter experimenting with its new edit button only came at the beginning of September. While initial tests were done internally and with only a few select users, Twitter stated it would look to expand testing to Twitter Blue members as early access later in the month.

With September ending, it looks like Twitter might miss that mark, but only by a bit. In a statement to Android Central, a Twitter spokesperson said that the platform "will soon test Edit Tweet with Twitter Blue subscribers in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, followed by the U.S."

For those of you in the listed countries who are eager to try out the feature before others, Twitter Blue will yoink $4.99 a month from you.

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