TikTok's latest upgrade is perfect for tablet and foldable users

TikTok app logo on Android
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What you need to know

  • TikTok upgrades its app for large-screen devices, including tablets and foldables.
  • With the update, users can expect an enhanced feed and an optimized UI for better navigation.
  • It also includes enhanced support for portrait and landscape orientations.

TikTok is now getting an upgrade to make it visually appealing for large-screen users.

The update is rolling out to users worldwide, and it promises to bring a clear video feed, a streamlined UI for better navigation bars, and enhanced support for portrait or landscape modes. The company says will also complement TikTok's experimental features like Topic Feeds, allowing users to explore videos involving sections like gaming, food, fashion, and sports.

TikTok optimized for large screen

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TikTok further explains the aforementioned features that users would experience with the upgrade in the accompanying blog post. Starting with the clear video feed, which claims to offer a more refined video feed featuring content with enhanced clarity. Additionally, users will be able to use TikTok hassle-free with the streamlined navigation bars at the top and bottom, which lets them explore their favorite features and taps within the app.

Many social media apps don't look as well when viewed in a landscape position on foldable or tablet devices, especially apps that focus on vertical video. As the most recent release changelog states, TikTok will support either orientation to address the exact problem, meaning you can expect a better app experience no matter how you prefer to hold your device.

Checking out the new Instagram app tablet UI on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

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With the ongoing trend of large-screen Android handsets, including tablets and foldable phones, social media app makers are in a constant process of improving their apps to make them fit perfectly on these devices.

Instagram, the competitor of TikTok, gave itself a big-screen upgrade earlier this year, with better support for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 as soon as it launched. Later, updates to the app were adjusted to fit big screens better, and Instagram changed a few UI aspects to better utilize smartphones with big screens. 

We can anticipate more changes like this on social media and other pertinent apps to go along with the growing trend of large-screen phones, which is going to be around for a while now that TikTok has joined the list.

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