Threads could get an edit button, with one condition

The cover screen for the Instagram Threads social app on a Motorola Edge+ (2023)
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What you need to know

  • Threads rolls out a profile switcher option on Android and iOS devices.
  • It's unclear how many Threads account users can keep under their belt. However, Instagram has a limit of five profiles.
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg feels new features could aid in Threads' user retention after the platform dropped half of its subscribers in a month.
  • The platform may also be working on an edit button, that will let users edit posts within five minutes of posting them.

Meta is bringing in a pretty useful feature for those social media lovers swapping accounts for various internet personas — or jobs.

The main Threads account posted that the platform has added the ability for users to swap their profile on mobile (via 9to5Google). The post explains users can long press the "Profile" icon in the bottom navigation bar to bring up a menu consisting of their current account and an "add profile" option.

Users will be prompted to "add or create" another Threads profile by logging in with an Instagram account. Once completed, the same pop-up menu can be accessed for an easy method to swap back and forth between your established Threads accounts.

Additionally, the platform didn't make it entirely clear how many accounts users could have under their belt. However, per its support page, Instagram allows users to hold five accounts on one device. Threads' information on the subject is subpar and doesn't say much on the matter.

Threads announces the rollout of an account switcher on the platform.

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This feature is rolling out on Android and iOS. The feature appears to be widely available, but if you haven't seen it yet, give it a bit of time as we close the week.

With one feature currently in hand, there's another feature that Threads will likely roll out sometime in the future. X leaker Alessandro Paluzzi discovered Threads is in the development stage for an edit post button. According to the discovery, it appears that the Meta-owned platform will let users edit their posts within five minutes of posting them. After that, you're pretty much stuck with the typo.

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A timer is seemingly present so users won't have any guesswork when it comes to correcting a pesky typo. X (formerly Twitter) rolled out an edit button a year ago but it was shoved behind a paywall, only available for Blue subscribers. The main difference here (aside from money) is X allows a poster to edit their stuff within thirty minutes of posting.

Threads has been relatively quiet aside from the app appearing on the web for those looking to scroll and post on their computer. The rollout brought a bit of that "mobile experience" folks can enjoy on Android and iOS but the platform is interested in doing more — with encouragement from the numbers.

The X competitor had reportedly lost half of its subscribers in just a month, dropping from its former peak of 100 million in five days. While staggering, Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg remained quite positive about Threads' future and that the numbers should, ideally, climb again as the platform adds more features.


Threads, an Instagram app

If you're on the hunt for a new and exciting social media platform, Threads has a great chance to be just that. 

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