Spotify's HiFi tier is reportedly on the way as an 'add-on' for existing plans

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What you need to know

  • A report from an inside source claims that Spotify will launch its new HiFi music tier as an "add-on" for an extra $5 monthly for existing users "later this year."
  • The plan will reportedly bring "new tools" for unique playlist creations that "learn and adapt" to users alongside song library management options.
  • Spotify recently announced its plans to raise prices across the board for its users in July.

A new report suggests that Spotify is (actually) planning on debuting its new "HiFi" music tier at some point this year.

Citing an unnamed person close to the matter, Bloomberg states that Spotify is working to launch its HiFi tier to users "later this year" (via 9to5Google). The publication's source added that Spotify will turn its HiFi music plan into an "add-on" so existing customers can get in on the higher-quality tunes.

This add-on will reportedly charge users an extra $5 monthly. The source claims that the pricing "will vary depending on each user’s base plan." However, this is said to "average" out for a 40% increase no matter which plan users are adding HiFi on top of.

This new HiFi plan will reportedly bring "new tools" for playlist creation and song library management. Users may be able to create playlists through HiFi for specific dates, times of the year, and "certain activities."

Additionally, these unique playlists will supposedly be able to "learn and adapt" to their users.

We've been waiting on Spotify's HiFi music tier for quite a while and a leak from May teased what we could expect from its launch. For its Lossless audio quality, it seems Spotify will inform users if their device is compatible and how much bandwidth the quality setting is soaking up.

The leak also showed that the company could push Spotify Connect on users as the "best way" to enjoy their music.

Also, when it comes to pricing, the picture is a little clearer after we dig into the price hike slated for July. A week ago, Spotify announced that it would raise prices for the Premium individual plan by $1, bringing it to $11.99 monthly. The Premium Duo plan is rising by $2 to $16.99 while the Premium Family plan jumps by $3 to $19.99.

If Bloomberg's source is true, and HiFi will land as a $5 add-on, then users could see their monthly bills at $16.99 if they own the individual plan at the start.

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