Spotify brings its 'Real-time' lyrics feature to the Google Nest Hub

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What you need to know

  • Spotify brings its "real-time" lyrics feature to the Google Nest Hub.
  • The lyrics will appear highlighted as the song progresses with those to come looking more transparent.
  • This is an effort to bring listeners into their song more as Spotify has partnered with Musixmatch.

Spotify, since late 2021, has been busy bringing its "real-time lyrics" to its cast of supported platforms. The Google Nest Hub is finally getting its chance to provide real-time lyrics to those looking to sing along.

9to5Google reported this new feature while Spotify is fullscreen on your Nest Hub. The "lyrics" button will be at the bottom right-hand side of the player's UI next to the favorite button. Tapping this will change the background from the song's album cover to its lyrics. As the lyrics are spoken, they will be in the center of the screen, highlighted. The words to come will be transparent and when there are no lyrics Spotify will provide a music note to indicate that.

According to 9to5Google, this was a feature Google Play Music offered in 2018 initially. The feature then moved to YouTube Music, which is currently doing it, although the lyrics they provide do not appear in real-time as the song progresses. Spotify's lyric feature is available to everyone regardless of their premium status on the platform.

Bringing its lyrics feature to the Google Nest Hub is only a part of Spotify's dedication to providing some highly-requested features to its users. Spotify has also partnered with "Musixmatch," the minds behind the active lyric abilities across their supported devices.

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