Samsung's 'Try Galaxy' app is more interested in stealing iPhone users

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What you need to know

  • Samsung rolls out an update to its "Try Galaxy" app.
  • The app is focused more on showing iPhone users what they're missing out on as the QR code page turns away Android users.
  • Try Galaxy simulates the latest features from the Galaxy S23 series and new additions from One UI 5.1 on Apple's iPhone.

Samsung's latest update makes it a little easier to try out the latest Galaxy device — but it's not for who you think (or maybe it is).

Through a Newsroom post, the Korean OEM announced and detailed the latest update rolled out for its "Try Galaxy" application. This app lets those without a Galaxy device try out a simulated version of one of Samsung's latest devices. The company may say those without one of its own devices can utilize this app, but it's more for those who don't use Android entirely, and all eyes are on Apple.

Those with an iPhone can head over to Try Galaxy and scan the QR code to get started with playing around with a pretend Samsung device to see what they're missing out on. If you're rocking an Android, sorry, but Samsung's not interested in those already over here.

Samsung explains that the latest updates have brought new features from the latest Galaxy S23 series along with new additions courtesy of One UI 5.1.

Samsung's "Try Galaxy" app QR code for trying a simulated Galaxy device.

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Using Safari on an iPhone 7 or higher (running the latest iOS), users will be walked through a quick tutorial and explore their new "homepage." This experience brings everything you'd find on a Galaxy S23 Ultra, Z Flip 4, or Z Fold 4, such as Galaxy-specific icons, widgets, and navigation.

Samsung will then show off its more interesting features to Apple users, such as the latest device's camera. Users can learn about its Nightography and transformative AI. There will also be options to playtest in-app editing tools such as Photo Remaster, which had its own problems on Samsung's phones recently.

The Korean OEM also provides a video to iPhone users that details the Galaxy S23 series' gaming capabilities, battery, and display. In terms of software, One UI 5.1 was packed with quite a bit, and Samsung is giving interested parties a chance to peel back some of those layers. Testers can peek at customizable wallpapers, icons, message interfaces, and more.

This isn't the first time that Samsung has tried to either jab or steal away iPhone users from Apple. During the time of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the company ran a simple commercial of a person seeing folding items everywhere, pushing them to order a foldable device while on their iPhone. Then, there was Samsung's diss toward Apple in 2022 which spoke on the Cupertino-based company's lack of innovation.

If you're using an iPhone or have one lying around, scan the QR code to download the app and get started. Samsung states that Try Galaxy now supports 14 languages, as well.

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