Poll: Would you consider switching to Bing now that Microsoft is integrating ChatGPT AI?

The new Microsoft Bing home page powered by ChatGPT
(Image credit: Microsoft)

AI has been a big buzzword for quite a few years now, but things have been kicking up lately with the growing popularity of AI chatbots. ChatGPT is responsible for the latest craze, and now the AI tech behind the tool is powering Microsoft Bing.

The tech giant is working with OpenAI to integrate its latest AI tech into Bing and Edge in an effort to challenge Google. The updates are already available in preview for some users to try, including a new chat UI for Bing. However, given the popularity of Google Search, we want to know if these changes are enough to convince you to switch to Bing or whether you'll stick to your search engine of choice.

The new Bing has four components that take advantage of this impressive new AI technology. Search is now enhanced to give users more relevant answers to their queries. In addition, Answers to inquiries now provide users with comprehensive summaries of the results generated in a side panel. This way, you don't have to keep scrolling to find what you need.

Of course, with ChatGPT powering the new Bing, users can chat with the service to better refine their answers. Microsoft says this is helpful for things like planning trips, and it accepts up to 1,000 characters while considering the context of the conversation. It's also how users can use the new Bing to inspire creativity, and you can use Bing to create emails about whatever you want and in the style you want.

Microsoft says the tech behind this is "more powerful" than ChatGPT and provides up-to-date information.

Of course, not to be outdone, Google announced just a day prior to Microsoft's announcement that it is working on a similar service called Bard. Google's version is built on a scaled-down version of LaMDA and is now being tested with a handful of people.

But as our Jerry Hildenbrand points out, Google seemingly rushed the announcement to get ahead of Microsoft, and employees aren't happy. Meanwhile, Microsoft has seemingly thought this through and has plenty to gain from the enhancements being made to Bing. That said, Google Search is still a powerful tool that people know and love, and Google continues to make other behind-the-scenes improvements to its various tools to keep it that way.

If you want to try out samples of the new Bing, you can head over to Bing.com/new.

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