Pixel Watch gains ‘Wear OS System UI’ app for the latest experiences

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What you need to know

  • Pixel Watch gains a new “Wear OS System UI” app on the Play Store.
  • The app is designed to continuously provide users with the latest Wear OS experience as it evolves.
  • The Pixel Watch has been confirmed to receive Wear OS updates for the next three years.

The Pixel Watch receives an app to better connect it to its Wear OS software.

According to 9to5Google, a new app for the Pixel Watch has surfaced on the Google Play Store. With its purpose being for the Pixel Watch, the new “Wear OS System UI” app’s description reads, “Wear OS System UI provides access to the latest Wear OS smartwatch user experiences. Stay connected, be healthier, and leverage the helpfulness of Google, all on your wrist.”

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(Image credit: 9to5Google)

This new application is supposedly coming with a day-one patch that will add a Home shortcut at the top of Quick Settings. 9to5 does inform that once the Pixel Watch updates, it will go all black before displaying its starting screen and then resuming as normal. The app itself is a small 6MB and its latest version release brings in notification enhancements and bug fixes.

Google has recently confirmed that the Pixel Watch will gain three years’ worth of Wear OS updates. These updates, which will take us into October 2025, will feature bug fixes, security updates, along with overall OS upgrades.

The company’s dedication to updating the watch will also come with feature drops that will be quite familiar to those owning a Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 Pro. The wearable’s own version of feature drops will include major new features and improvements for Google’s first smartwatch. Right now, it’s unclear as to how often these updates will come to the Pixel Watch. Google has only stated the updates will be on a “regular basis.”

Additionally, owners of the Pixel Watch may see it receiving security updates past the October 2025 cut-off.

This new Wear OS System UI app comes nearly a week after the Pixel Watch’s dedicated app appeared on the Play Store. With the app, users can customize the notifications that appear on their wrists as well as change out the watch faces whenever they choose.

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