OpenAI's custom ChatGPT versions let you become a chatbot architect

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What you need to know

  • OpenAI's customizable GPTs allow users to create tailored chatbots without coding, share them, and use them for various tasks.
  • Users control their data, with chats kept private and the option to choose data sent to third-party APIs, while a new review system is put in place to prevent harmful GPTs from being shared.
  • OpenAI is launching a GPT store later this month where users can find and download GPTs from verified creators, who in turn will be able to earn money based on how many people use their GPTs.
  • Initially available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers, OpenAI intends to expand GPT access to more users soon.

OpenAI unleashed ChatGPT's full potential today, introducing GPTs that let anyone create their customized chatbots and publish them soon on the GPT Store, with the potential to earn some cash.

These custom GPTs require no coding expertise, OpenAI assures users in its announcement. You can train your own custom ChatGPT bot just by chatting with it and setting parameters to shape its purpose and how it works. Plus, you can enhance it with extra skills like image creation or web searching.

OpenAI's personalized ChatGPT bots can help you with both personal and professional tasks. Imagine your GPT learning board game rules or whipping up cool sticker designs—the possibilities are as diverse as your imagination.

Starting later this month, you can browse and access these AI agents from the GPT Store. However, only verified creators can submit their bots to ensure a trusted and secure experience for everyone.

While the store's specifics are a bit mysterious, creators will be rewarded based on their GPTs' usage. For now, only ChatGPT Plus subscribers and OpenAI enterprise customers can access GPTs, allowing them to create internal GPTs for their teams, but that will change in the future. "We plan to offer GPTs to more users soon," OpenAI says.

Top-performing bots will also shine on leaderboards, and OpenAI will showcase other notable creations. You'll be able to search for GPTs of various sorts, from education and productivity to pure entertainment. In the meantime, you can still share your GPTs publicly for free until the store's launch.

OpenAI assures that you have full control over your data. Your chats remain private and are not shared with the GPT creator. Plus, if a GPT uses third-party APIs, you can select what data gets sent. Plus, OpenAI is rolling out a new review system to keep harmful GPTs at bay.

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