One UI 6 Beta 5 fixes some persistent bugs on the Galaxy S23 series

The Android 14 logo on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • One UI 6 Beta 5 is rolling out on the Galaxy S23 series in the U.K., India, and Germany.
  • The patch aims to finally rectify a few persistent bugs Samsung has grappled with throughout the One UI 6 test.
  • Samsung recently previewed its Good Lock 6 update, which will arrive shortly after One UI 6 is officially released to all users.

Samsung is continuing to swiftly produce new builds for its upcoming major Android OS update. As spotted by Tarun Vats on X, the Korean OEM is rolling out One UI 6 Beta 5 to the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its siblings. Two of the devices will find update version ZWIK, while another will find ZWIE.

The build for enrolled Samsung testers arrives with a 750MB download size.

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It looks like Samsung is more focused on fixing some of the more pertinent bugs that have cropped up throughout the beta testing for One UI 6 (Android 14). In Beta 4, it was mentioned that Motion Photo was appearing unavailable for users. The fixes wrapped in Beta 5 mention a fix for Motion Photo, so users should (hopefully) find the feature working moving forward.

Moreover, the aforementioned fix involving Maintenance Mode was another problem Samsung made note of as being a "known issue" during the previous beta.

  • Fixed the problem of not being able to record during a call
  • Fixed no touch at the bottom of the screen or ghost touch issue
  • Fixed the issues of stuck after entering camera, forced termination, and not being able to take pictures
  • Fixed infinite rebooting problem when entering Maintenance Mode

Vats noted One UI Beta 5 is making its rounds to the Galaxy S23 series in the U.K. while users in the comments have reported receiving it in Germany and India, as well. Those in the U.S. will likely have to wait a little longer until the beta pops up to download for those who are enrolled. Additionally, countries like Poland and, perhaps, South Korea are still awaiting it.

We're all still eagerly awaiting Android 14 and, by extension, One UI 6 from Samsung. There's a possibility that we're approaching the finish line where the software is released officially to all Galaxy S23 owners first before trickling down the line. It has been suggested that Google is withholding the full release of Android 14 so its launch can coincide with its Pixel 8 reveal in October.

To hold us over we have Beta 5 and Samsung's recent rundown of what users can expect from its lighter-than-usual Good Lock 6 update. The software will focus more on stability but will include a few notable features, as well once One UI 6 sees its full release later this year.

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