October Google Systems update highlights Wear OS device transfer

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What you need to know

  • The October Google System services update arrives for Android devices and highlights the "transfer" feature for Wear OS 4 devices.
  • This removes the necessity for a data wipe when connecting a smartwatch to a new phone as users will keep their data and settings.
  • The Play Store parades a new app details page for "non-phone" devices such as Android tablets, wearables, and the like.

Midway through October, Google has published a list of improvements for several of its services.

The company has detailed what changes have arrived as part of the October Google System updates, such as the Play Store (via 9to5Google). The kicker for this month is an update for Wear OS watches. Google states the update brings support for users to connect their smartwatch, such as the Pixel Watch 2, to more than one phone "seamlessly."

The wording is a bit curious, but it may refer to the ability to transfer from one device to another in Wear OS 4 without suffering through the dreaded watch reset. Additionally, users would be able to keep their apps, watch faces, and more when transferring.

This is a feature that many Wear OS device owners will probably praise the high heavens for as, previously, your device would undergo a factory reset if you were connecting to a new device.

Other updates in the "device connectivity" section include content received through Nearby Share, which will now drop into a new location, and new developer features. The new saved location for Nearby Share is likely its own dedicated folder within your device with its name as the title for easy discovery.

A few updates for the Google Play Store are as follows:

  • New design on the app details page to help you discover and learn about apps for your non-phone devices (Play Store v37.8).
  • You'll be able to add apps to your Google Play library directly when apps ask Google Play to download new content or functionality. (Play Store v37.8)
  • Payments legal documents being shown on a dedicated acceptance screen that the user must accept to proceed with the purchase. (Play Store v37.9)

Wear OS on Pixel Watch 2

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The "non-phone" devices referred to for the app details page redesign pertain to smartwatches, Android tablets, and so on.

Android WebView has gained some security, privacy, and bug fixes with this update. Other such inclusions pertain to stability, security, and network usage updates for October wrapped within the purview of "System Management."

You can view all of the changes on the Google System Updates page for more on what the latest update brings.

To grab the systems update, users can head into Settings > About phone > Android version > Google Play systems update.

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