Legacy G Suite users get to keep custom Gmail domains with 'no-cost' option

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What you need to know

  • Google has been in the process of transitioning legacy G Suite users to Google Workspace.
  • The company previously unveiled plans to offer a no-cost option for users that don't want to pay for Workspace access.
  • Users are now being offered the no-cost option with the ability to use custom domains.

Legacy G Suite users can begin their collective sigh of relief as it appears Google has begun offering its "no-cost" option for select subscribers.

The option to avoid the Workspace transition started appearing this week for users (via 9to5Google), outlining the opportunity to move onto paid workspace at a 50% discount or continue with a free legacy account. However, as Google previously stated earlier this year when it was first announced, this new option is for non-commercial use, and users must confirm that their subscription is for personal use.

With this no-cost option, users can retain access to free versions of Workspace apps such as Google Meet and Google Drive. They will also retain access to their paid content and any data associated with the Workspace apps.

Most notably, the no-cost option allows users to keep their custom domains, something that was originally thought to not be in the cards for users seeking to keep their legacy accounts. However, Google notes that users will lose access to business-related functions and support.

Legacy free G Suite users have until July 27 to switch to the no-cost option, lest be automatically transitioned to a pair Workspace subscription. You can follow the link to opt out of the workspace transition. These users can also switch to the paid Workspace option after the fact through the admin console, gaining access to the benefits that come with it at a discounted rate. Free legacy users that already switched after January 19, 2022, are encouraged to contact support for assistance if they 

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