Health Connect's Android 14 migration breaks data sync with other apps

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What you need to know

  • Health Connect's Android 14 system migration is breaking fitness apps' synchronization.
  • Apps like Whoop and Withings are unable to sync users' fitness data on Android 14 Beta 5.1 since an update (that has yet to appear) is required.
  • Once this works properly, users should complete their data migration before uninstalling the Play Store version of Health Connect.

Google's early migration process for Health Connect is showing signs of breaking for a few health-related apps. According to Mishaal Rahman, Google is moving users over from the Play Store version of Health Connect to Android 14's new built-in settings version (via Android Police).

Pixel users running Android 14 Beta 5.1 attempting to pair apps such as Whoop and Withings with Health Conenct are being met with a message stating the respective apps require an update as "the Health Connect (beta) app is being integrated with the Android system."

If users do not update, none of their health-related information will be synced. Unfortunately, there isn't an update available just yet. So, hopefully, by the time the new OS rolls out officially, an update will appear post-haste.

Furthermore, since Google is integrating Health Connect within the OS itself, users are prompted to uninstall the Play Store version of Health Connect so they can utilize its capabilities from within the settings instead. However, as Rahman adds, completing your data migration is encouraged before removing the Play Store version.

The company launched Health Connect's beta app late last year as a way of solving health data sharing from different sources. This essentially gives users a chance to pick and choose the wearables and apps that store their data without any headache. This integration into Android's system should make such a practice even easier — once the syncing problems are corrected.

Google rolled out its latest Android 14 beta to testers a few days ago, packed with a load of last-minute fixes. A couple of the fixes included pertain to some users encountering a blank screen when unlocking their phone to some devices not recognizing a user's SIM card if Fixed Dialing Number features were enabled.

What's more, we're already a bit behind schedule when compared to Google's previous major Android OS release. The company launched Android 13 into the wild in mid-August 2022, and the clock's ticking away as there's only a week left in the month.

Whether or not Google rolls it out in August, it'll likely arrive before the Pixel 8 series.

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