Google Messages might actually get markdown text formatting soon

Google Messages RCS chatting on a Pixel 4a.
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What you need to know

  • Google Messages users may soon be able to send formatted text.
  • The app is gaining markdown support, which is currently seen in the beta version of the app.
  • The feature is expected to roll out to users very soon, along with noise cancellation for voice messages.

After bringing text formatting to Google Keep earlier this year, it looks like Google Messages is also prepping to gain support.

Text formatting in Google Keep lets users select the text style with a press of a button. The Google Messages approach, however, appears to work differently as it uses markdown text formatting, notes AssembleDebug, who first spotted and shared the feature on TheSpAndroid.

Google Messages text formatting

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Using markdown lets you use symbols such as asterisks to format text. The incorporation of markdown in Google Messages means users who want to share texts in bold would type **Bold Text** to receive it as Bold Text. Similarly, placing two underscores before and after for it to appear in italics. Other options such as text strikethrough, headings, and even inserting images using markdown also appear to work.

AssembleDebug notes that not only do the prominent markdown options appear to work in Google Messages, but they should also work with both SMS and RCS. The feature was seen in action in Google Messages beta version 20231113 by enabling a few flags. Tipster also notes that the company will likely roll out to stable users soon.

Text formatting should be familiar to users of Android messaging apps and some social media apps, as many allow you to do so. For instance, X (formerly Twitter) allows it for premium users, as does Telegram. Meta-owned WhatsApp also allows users to send texts in markdown format. It is not an entirely new feature if you use these apps, but having the option of tweaking the texts on Google Messages would be a nice addition to the app, especially as Apple prepares to bring RCS support to its iPhones next year.

Google Messages noise cancellation feature

(Image credit: AssembleDebug/ via TheSpAndroid)

Another exciting feature in the works is the ability to send voice notes on Google Messages with noise cancellation turned on. This feature allows users to send their voice notes with less background noise and is also pretty convenient.

Users can tap on the new "noise cancellation" button before sending the voice note or during recording. This will enable the feature and make the user's voice heard clearer on the recipient's end. Tipster could enable the feature in Google Messages beta version 20231113_01_RC00, which is also expected to roll out soon to general users.

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