Google Messages finally sees voice moods feature in action for RCS chats

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What you need to know

  • Google Messages app in beta brings handy new features from the November 2023 announcement.
  • They include voice moods accompanied by an audio recorder redesign.
  • Users can also see the new noise cancellation feature as part of the interface redesign.

Beta users of the Google Messages app are seeing voice moods roll out alongside a redesign of the audio recorder interface, which features noise cancellation, as spotted by 9to5Google

In November 2023, Google announced some exciting new features for its messages as part of the celebration of one billion RCS users. The voice moods on the messaging app were part of this, and they are now seeing a broader rollout.

Previously, users were accustomed to long-pressing the voice memo button, which opened up the traditional “Slide to cancel” interface. However, the new one in the beta version has been revamped with a new Material You-inspired design.

Users can notice “Tap to record your voice” aided by the microphone icon, cancel, and attach buttons. When users start recording, they can see the “Noise Cancellation” button, which can be turned on or off, per requirement. 

While the feature helps turn off background noises for recording, Google says the improvements in overall audio quality can also be seen due to increased sampling and bit rate.

On the other hand, the new voice moods are added from the aforementioned new interface wherein users can pick from nine voice moods accompanied by relevant emojis, which can be added by clicking the attach button.

Users then would see a gradient emoji background added to the waveform for the interface, as mentioned. The same card will be sent as a message to the recipient with all the emoji and wallpaper stuff. 

It is encouraging to see Google Messages finally seeing the nifty new interface amongst other announced features from last year. The features, such as the redesigned audio recorder interface, can be seen on the latest Google Messages beta bearing 20240501_RC00 version. 

However, as 9to5 points out, the voice moods rollout doesn’t appear as extensive as the interface. However, we could see the rollout soon, followed by the official rollout in the coming weeks. 

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