After SwiftKey integrates Bing AI, Google Messages may soon add some Bard AI magic

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra displaying Google Messages.
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google may launch a new "Magic Compose" feature for Google Messages.
  • The feature would use generative AI to help users rewrite or compose messages in different styles.
  • Microsoft recently integrated Bing AI into SwiftKey with similar AI features.

With generative AI on the rise, companies are looking at ways to integrate it into more apps and services. And while Google Messages already offers Smart Reply suggestions, it looks like Google may take this further with some Bard AI magic.

9to5Google received screenshots of a new feature that may be coming soon to Google's messaging app. Dubbed "Magic Compose," the feature will apparently allow users to "Get draft suggestions and rewritten draft suggestions." Basically, it can compose responses for the user or rewrite a response.

From the screenshots, this feature will have two icons associated with it. When nothing is written in the text field, a version of the Google Messages icon with a sparkle will be present (for composing), while a pencil with a sparkle will appear if text is being entered into the field (for rewriting).

When composing a new message, the feature will apparently use context from within the conversation to form the response. When rewriting text, users will be able to choose from different styles, depending on how the user wants to sound. Users can seemingly toggle the feature on and off in the settings menu, with an "Experimental" tag shown on the feature.

Magic Compose sounds similar to SwiftkKey's new Bing AI integration, which also rewrites text based on chosen styles. However, it doesn't look like Google is interested in integrating Bard chat into Messages like Microsoft does with SwiftKey, although it's possible Bard could come to Android in some shape or form in the future. It also seems to require an active internet connection in order to work.

As for when this new Magic Compose feature will arrive, it's not yet clear. However, 9to5 first spotted the feature a few months ago, and based on the screenshots, it looks like it could be pretty far along. In any case, Google I/O 2023 is right around the corner, so we'll likely hear about this and more features coming to Google's apps and services.

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