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What you need to know

  • Google for India brings new features to the company's search results.
  • Users in the near future can search content within the video from Google Search.
  • In addition, YouTube will also introduce a new 'Courses' feature next year.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited India this week for the search giant's annual Google for India conference. The company made several announcements showcasing its AI prowess next to some product features, including YouTube.

Google is introducing a new pilot program for its search app on Android devices, letting you search within a video. For instance, if users Google anything through the search option and the results show a video suggestion, users can further search within the video by utilizing the new "Search in video" feature.

Through a tweet, the Google India Twitter account demonstrated in detail how the feature would operate. In the provided example, a Google search query inquiring what to do in a specific location generated a YouTube vlog video as the search result. 

Additionally, we can see "Search in video" directly beneath the video playback, which adds the new capability to search for a specific location from the relevant segment in the vlog.

This new feature utilizes Google's AI prowess and gives all instances of the subject in the video. This reduces the user's need to constantly rewind/forward the playback and look for chapters, particularly if it's a lengthy video. Having the feature handy directly from a Google search is besides handy rather than searching out the whole entire library of videos.

Furthermore, Google is also introducing Courses for YouTube next year. It is an interactive way of learning, allowing creators to offer free or paid courses and learning experiences for their viewers. Relatively viewers who are interested in experiencing the courses can watch them ad-free.

Creators can share information in the courses they offer through PDFs, images, and documents, among others. Courses will act slightly differently from what creators already offer through their educational offerings. While they rely entirely on ads, the Courses feature will likely generate a separate avenue for creators.

In India, the beta version of Courses for YouTube is said to debut in the first half of 2023. Three topics will be the main emphasis of the beta: digital skills, professional and entrepreneurial skills, and personal passions.

According to Android Police, Google is collaborating with the best healthcare organizations in India to present reliable search outcomes. This will incorporate Google's Aloud, which is again powered by AI and machine learning and can translate, dub, and even transcribe videos with a single click. The purported healthcare providers are only responsible for looking at the search results.

Apollo Hospitals, one of the top healthcare organizations in India, is reportedly prepared to test a new video that is offered with several audio tracks in various languages. This allegedly enables viewers to quickly switch between languages with a single click.

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