'Gemini Enterprise' launches amid Google One's new AI Premium plan

The Google Gemini app
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What you need to know

  • Google One announces it has removed its previous Duet AI Premium plan in favor of an "AI Premium" tier with Gemini Advanced.
  • The plan will cost customers $19.99 a month and brings Gemini's AI capabilities to Docs, Gmail, and Slides, as well as 2TB of cloud storage and more.
  • Google is also introducing "Gemini Enterprise" and "Gemini Business," which brings its 1.0 Ultra model to those working with loads of data and research.

Google highlighted three different areas for users to take better advantage of its AI capabilities today (Feb. 21).

According to a Keyword post, Google is getting rid of the old Google One Duet AI Premium plan for a new "AI Premium" plan. The company states that the rollout begins today (Feb. 21), which brings Gemini to Docs, Slides, Gmail, and Sheets. Users will be able to ask the AI bot for inspiration for creative emails.

Moreover, the post reiterates other Gemini magic, like drafting help in Docs and helping to create a presentation using your content in Slides.

The plan is available in over 150 countries in English. It will cost consumers $19.99 a month in the U.S. Additionally, users will receive Gemini Advanced, the 1.0 Gemini Ultra model, 2TB of cloud storage, and several more goodies.

The company adds those hesitant can preview the AI Premium with its available two-month free trial at no cost.

A screenshot of Google One's new "AI Premium" plan with Gemini Advanced packed into it.

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In a subsequent Workspace post, Google states it's also bringing Gemini to Enterprise and Business customers. This announcement brings the introduction of "Gemini Enterprise," which replaces the old Duet AI for the Google Workspace package. The post states those grabbing this add-on will gain generative AI features in Workspace apps like "help me write, organize, and visualize, and more."

Alongside this, Google is introducing "Gemini Business," which is stated to be available to "new and existing" Workspace customers.

The company's new "standalone chat experience" with Gemini will begin rolling out today and is built off the 1.0 Ultra model. Those in Enterprise or Business will find "enterprise-grade data protections" and administrative controls. Google states that whatever Enterprise or Business customers conversate with Gemini about will not be used for advertising or machine-learning material and will not be reviewed by a human.

More importantly, the Gemini Business add-on subscription plan is available through Enterprise. The company states it offers an array of Gen AI features but is "subject to monthly usage limits."

Several features like information validation, research, and chatting with Gemini (formerly Bard) can be done through its standalone web view. The rollout of Gemini Enterprise and Business begins today, but customers should give Google "several days" to complete the process.

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