Google brings new features and capabilities to Chrome's search suggestions

Chrome Features
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What you need to know

  • Google rolled out three new features for its search on Chrome that it says will provide inspiration for users.
  • Users will get image suggestions based on what others are looking for, even if the prompt isn't as accurate. 
  • Google is set to help users with poor internet connection to look for locations or prompts while in incognito mode.

Google 'leaped' at the opportunity to announce a new set of features for Chrome on February 29. The company says it is making necessary improvements to search suggestions in the Chrome browser that are rolling out starting Thursday. This included offering suggestions based on what other people are searching for, which may be helpful for users who are unaware of what to look for, giving them a "boost of inspiration."

Users who sign into Chrome and open a new tab on the desktop will see suggestions in the Google Search box related to their previous searches based on similar things others are looking for. For instance, if you recently searched for “Japchae,” you might see suggestions for other popular Korean dishes. 

Chrome Features roll out

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Chrome will also show more images for suggested searches. Initially, Chrome only displayed images for search suggestions in the address bar that matched a specific product you were looking for. But now, even when users don't really know the name or brand of the time they're looking for, they can type in a common word like "bohemian table," and Chrome will show helpful images for broader shopping categories and products based on the search prompt.

Lastly — and this one really helps — when users are in a location with a poor internet connection, Chrome on Android and iOS will be able to give you search suggestions, thanks to the browser's improved on-device capabilities. This should at least help you set up your search, even if you're in Incognito Mode.

Users can start trying these features out today.

Chrome Features roll out

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