Chrome is now a lot faster on Android phones and Mac devices

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What you need to know

  • Google has just announced improvements to the Chrome browser, aiming to boost speed on both Android devices and macOS. 
  • With the latest improvements, the browser is said to be up to 30% faster on high-end Android devices.
  • Meanwhile, subtle improvements to the macOS version of Chrome have resulted in a 10% increase in performance.

If you ever wonder how Google maintains its title as the most popular browser, you don't need to go far to get an answer. Following the release of Chrome 112, which started rolling out at the beginning of April, a new post on the Chromium Blog details some of the biggest changes that have recently come to the browser to improve performance.

This blog post focuses on the Chrome app for Android and macOS, explaining how "new optimizations" have resulted in impressive performance gains, particularly with speed. With Chrome for macOS, the Chromium team has optimized "several JavaScript functions, such as toString() and join(), that are used in many sites and web frameworks." 

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This, along with some of the other improvements made in previous updates, has resulted in the macOS version being improved by 10% "over the course of three months." But the real exciting change with Chrome is coming to the Android version of the app.

Google doesn't go too deep in its explanation, but with Chrome running on the best Android phones, you'll see a "30% improvement." Google does point out that these improvements are focused more on "high-end Android devices" but does not share which device was used to perform the benchmark test.

Nevertheless, any improvements to Google's popular browser are welcome. Chrome for Android is available now in the Google Play Store. Users on macOS should be prompted to install the update, or you can manually check to see if it's available on your computer.

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