We now know how Google Assistant with Bard will look and work on Android

Assistant with Bard at Made by Google event
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What you need to know

  • Android developer Dylan Roussel managed to enable Google Assistant with Bard, revealing the UI and settings menu.
  • The early version of Assistant with Bard warned that Bard is still learning some assistant-related tasks. 
  • You can choose whether to use "classic" Assistant, or Google Assistant with Bard, in settings.

Google is working on integrating its artificial intelligence-based chatbot, Bard, with its Google Assistant. The feature was announced last October, and there have been few updates since about the launch date. But in the meantime, Android developer Dylan Roussel managed to enable Google Assistant with Bard, revealing the user interface and settings menu.

Roussel shared screenshots of Google Assistant with Bard in a thread on X (formerly Twitter), as reported by 9to5Google. After activating Google Assistant with Bard, users will be greeted with a pill-shaped menu that offers them the chance to "type, talk, or share a photo."

When Google Assistant with Bard first launches on your phone, the company details the AI assistant's limitations. "You can still say ‘Hey Google’ to get hands-free help. I’m learning some classic Assistant features, but l know lots already,” the message reads. 

Google also references Bard's potential to hallucinate in its explainer for Google Assistant with Bard. "I may make things up, including about people, so double check my responses, use them responsibly, and give me feedback," it says.

Assistant with Bard will first launch as a small window over your OS at the bottom of your screen, much like today's Google Assistant. However, tapping on the expand button in the top right corner of that window will bring up a full-screen version of Assistant with Bard. This will likely be preferred for longer conversations. 

Opening up the full version of Assistant with Bard will let you go back and see your past conversations under a Chats tab. There are also suggestions that give examples of how to use Assistant with Bard, much like the ones we've seen on the web version of Bard. 

One of Bard's best features lets you import photos to be used in a conversation, and this will also come to Assistant with Bard. However, due to the latter's integration with Android, the process is even easier. Opening Assistant with Bard will automatically prompt the user to add this screen to the conversation, which takes a screenshot and shares it with Bard. 

Users will also have control over how (and if) they use Google Assistant with Bard. The current Google Assistant becomes the "classic" Assistant, which users can choose over Assistant with Bard.

Multiple prompts also remind users they can still say Hey Google for help with assistant-based tasks that Bard isn't ready for. 

Based on the way Assistant with Bard works, it seems this project is as much about creating an Android "app" for Bard as it is about integration with Google Assistant. It will be possible to create a Home Screen shortcut for Assistant with Bard, essentially becoming a "Bard app."

We still don't know when Google will officially release Assistant with Bard, but we'd imagine it's coming soon based on the uptick in leaks lately

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