Google's new AI Test Kitchen demos will let you build cities and create monsters

Different videos created using Imagen Video
(Image credit: Google Research)

What you need to know

  • Google is bringing new AI advancements to its AI Test Kitchen for user feedback and testing.
  • Researchers have worked on a way for users to create a long form video based on text along with text-to-image technology.
  • Using its AI model AudioLM, users can provide a piece of audio to this program which can then generate its own version.

Through its research, Google is looking to bring AI-powered generative models into the lives of creators and artists.

According to Google's Keyword post, one of the ways it's taking AI research is in the direction of allowing people to be more expressive by using words to create videos and imagery.

This begins with its recent breakthrough in applying its diffusion model to video sequences, which enables it to create a video based on a sequence of text prompts. Google shared a video that was created completely through its AI technology off a sequence of sentences that describe how the video should go and what should be seen:

An AI-crafted video based on a sequence of text.

(Image credit: Google)

Google states it will soon bring its Imagen text-to-image generation technology to the AI Test Kitchen so people can learn and experience this new software. The company is launching new demos to help test its text-to-image experience. "City Dreamer" is a demo that lets you build a city around a theme, something like an AI-powered "SimCity" or "Cities: Skylines." Its second demo, "Wobble," lets you create a monster from text, one that you can make move and dance by poking and prodding it.

The company's researchers have also taken some strides in the audio department using AudioLM. This model is said to learn to generate realistic speech and piano music by simply listening to a sample first. AudioLM will then have the ability to predict what sort of sound should follow after hearing only a bit of an audio clip.

Google has also looked at the creative writing side of human craft by bringing in AI advancements, too. Through Wordcraft, powered by the AI text generator LaMDA, the program can offer its own take on a sentence, or story topic, and can even write an idea for you while you're writing if you're ever stuck in the fog.

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