Gmail's new look won't let you go back to the old one

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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out Gmail's new integrated UI and design for all users as the new standard experience.
  • Gmail's new experience adds a new UI for users for customization options as well as the ability to incorporate commonly used apps into its sidebar.
  • Rapid release domains' rollout began on November 8 (completed in 15 days).
  • Scheduled release domains will begin receiving it on November 29 (15 days to complete).

Google is beginning to cement its new Gmail view as the primary experience for all users.

According to Google's Workspace update this week, the company has begun rolling out its new immersive Gmail experience for all users as the new Gmail standard. 

Gmail's new look was rolled out as an option initially for users who may enjoy using it during the summer. However, with this current rollout phase beginning, the new look will become the standard, no longer allowing users to revert back or between Gmail designs.

With this new UI, users will still be able to change their theme, inbox type, and other options through the quick settings.

This new integrated version of Gmail brings in Chat, Spaces, and Meet in its own sidebar on the left of the window will be active for all users who have Chat enabled. If you were to head into the quick settings, you would find additional options to customize your Gmail experience with apps that you commonly use. Google explains that you can keep Gmail on its own or can add the apps that are the most important to your daily use.

Gmail's new integrated view and quick settings.

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Users in a rapid-release domain have had their roll-out begin on November 8, and it should be within everyone's hands on this track in 15 days. Those under a scheduled release domain will have their update rolled out on November 29, with it being completed in at least 15 days.

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