Emoji reactions in Gmail bring extra flair and expression to Android users

Gmail in light mode on Pixel 6 Pro
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What you need to know

  • Google is starting to rollout its new emoji reactions for mobile Gmail users on Android before bringing it to iOS and web users "over the next few months."
  • Once available, users will find a smiley face at the bottom of an email which will open an initial row of emojis with a "+" icon for a larger menu.
  • There are some limitations users may come across if they have sent an email from a non-Gmail account or if their app is out of date.

Mobile Gmail users should prepare themselves for a new update that'll make all those emails a little more enjoyable.

Beginning today, Google Workspace is rolling out emoji reactions for Android Gmail users, according to Google. Web and iOS users will receive this fun and expressive tool "over the next few months." For what to expect, Google states once users receive access, they'll find a smiley face emoji at the bottom of an email.

Tapping on the smiley face will open a single row of emojis. Additionally, interacting with the "+" at the far right will open an extensive emoji selection menu, requiring only a single tap to send it away.

An example of how Workspace users can use its new emoji reactions.

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A couple of extra tid-bits about emojis arriving in Gmail are as follows:

  • The party popper emoji  🎉 will have a short, full-page animation on send and on the first-time open. Additionally, a limited set of emojis will have a short animation within their emoji chip.
  • While using the latest version of the Gmail app on your mobile device, or soon Gmail on web, gives users the best experience, those on other third-party email clients will be able to receive reactions as a separate email.

By long-pressing any emoji on an email, users can see a list of those who sent that specific winky face or frown. Moreover, if you've accidentally sent an emoji to someone's email, you can interact with the "Undo" notification at the bottom of the message. Google warns that users will have anywhere from five to 30 seconds to undo a mistakenly sent emoji reaction as this depends on their "Undo Send" setting found within Gmail's web view.

Google adds that some users can receive an email alerting them to another person's emoji reaction. This could happen if your Android app has not been recently updated, if the "Conversation" view is disabled, or if your email wasn't sent from a Gmail account.

Additional step-by-step instructions and ways of ensuring your emojis shine can be found on Gmail's dedicated support page.

Google has not given a specific timeframe for when Workspace users will begin finding these new emojis. However, given the fact that the rollout has just begun, it'll be wise to give them the rest of the week before they begin to appear.

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