Android 15's rumored status bar makeover might be pretty cool

Custom Android status bar on a Google Pixel 6 phone
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Hidden features in Android 15's latest developer preview suggest a potential revamp for icons like battery and Wi-Fi signals.
  • Google may introduce a horizontal battery icon to accommodate the battery level indicator within it.
  • There might also be improvements in haptic feedback for various interactions in Android 15.

Even though Android 15 is not expected to have major visual overhauls, Google appears to be brewing some nice tweaks for the next mobile update, such as snazzier status bar icons and more.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman, writing for Android Authority, did some digging and unlocked some hidden features in Android 15's second developer preview. Apparently, Google might be revamping the icons at the top of your screen, like the battery and Wi-Fi signals.

Instead of the usual smooth icons, these new ones would be broken into segments, making it easier to see how strong your connection is at a glance.

Meanwhile, Google might flip the battery icon on its side, going from vertical to horizontal. This change means the battery level indicator can fit right inside the battery icon instead of next to it. But if you're not feeling it, you can always turn that off.

These tweaks might seem minor, but for users who prefer getting quick and clear information at a glance, they could come in really handy.

In the current version of Android, the icons for Wi-Fi, cellular signal, and battery life are just simple bars that fill up depending on how strong they are. They also turn white or dark, depending on your phone's theme. A separate spot shows the battery percentage, but you might have to turn that on in your settings.

Rahman also mentions that Google is stepping up the haptic feedback game in Android 15. So, when you tap or hold down on a quick settings toggle in the notification shade, you'll feel a slight vibration. And it doesn't stop there—when you slide the volume up or down using touch, thanks to the brightness adjuster, you'll feel that feedback, too.

These new features are currently hidden in a special testing version of Android 15 meant for developers (it is not super stable, so avoid putting it on your main phone). We'll have to wait for the official Android 15 release to see if Google decides to include these tweaks.

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  • joeldf
    Jeez, I so hate that haptic feedback crap. It's among the first things I hunt for to turn off on a new setup. And they want to add more?
  • rvbfan
    joeldf said:
    Jeez, I so hate that haptic feedback crap. It's among the first things I hunt for to turn off on a new setup. And they want to add more?
    Ya. Kinda like the haptics they added for time on the pixel watch. Nich use at best.