Android 15 DP1 issues cause Google to disable OTA image downloads

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What you need to know

  • Google has disabled Pixel users' ability to grab the OTA imaging for its first Android 15 developer preview.
  • The company's "known issue" during sideloading, which could cause a "corrupted" message to appear, has become too severe, prompting the removal.
  • Google has not stated how long OTA imaging is expected to be down. However, users can still grab it by flashing the factory image.

A few days after the first Android 15 developer preview dropped, Google has been forced to disable access to its OTA images.

Google states on its Android Developers page for flashing a factory image that a "known issue" has caused it to remove the OTA option for Android 15 DP1. The company adds, "We've temporarily disabled downloads for OTA images until we can further troubleshoot the issue." For now, if you're interested in glimpsing Android 15, you'll have to work with flashing the factory image.

When Google rolled out Android 15 DP1, one of its known issues involved sideloading the latest major OS build. The company stated the process could deliver a "Device is corrupted" message once it's all said and done.

There are a few more known issues for this first developer preview regarding Face Unlock, PIP (picture-in-picture), and locked SIM cards with unlocked devices. Google hasn't stated how long it expects its OTA images to remain disabled.

Google rolled out Android 15 Developer Preview 1  a few days ago, on February 16. The build offers much more behind-the-scenes than it does for users looking to play around with new goodies. This first look gives insight into how privacy-focused Google is with Android 15 as it includes new features, like Privacy Sandbox.

The company started working on this during a beta period last year, and Android 15 DP1 looks to bolster that work.

The first preview also looks to strengthen Android's performance for "premium hardware." GPUs and AI processing have shifted into the limelight as Google looks to enhance the app experience for the user.

Developers can expect previews from now until March. Android 15's beta period will begin in April and continue until Google's expected "platform stability" in June.

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