Android 14 beta bug causes Pixel 7 fingerprint sensors to stop working, but a fix is coming

The lockscreen of a Google Pixel 7

What you need to know

  • Users have reported issues using the fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro while running Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2.
  • The issues were first reported on Google's IssueTracker on Monday, and a Google employee provided a temporary attempt at a fix later.
  • A full patch will be released with the next Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 update. 

Some users are running into issues with the under-display fingerprint sensor on their Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices while testing Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2, as reported by 9to5Google. Trying to use the fingerprint sensor brings up an error message for some users, and the issue has since been acknowledged by Google. 

The issue was posted to Google's IssueTracker this week, with multiple users experiencing the bug on their Pixel 7 series devices. An employee from Google responded to the users, saying that the company couldn't reproduce the issue on their units running version AP11.231117.006.

Google suggested trying to recalibrate the sensor with the under-display fingerprint sensor calibration tool. This software tool is available online and is typically used to recalibrate sensors after a screen replacement, but it requires a computer. Users had mixed results using this method, with some saying the process fixed the issue after multiple restarts. Others said the issue persisted even after recalibrating the sensor.

Users who encountered the issue saw an error message that read "can’t use fingerprint sensor” when trying to use biometric unlock. 

Google spent a few days working on a fix behind the scenes and eventually provided an update on the issue. The company said that a formal solution will be released with Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 but didn't provide a timeline or release date for that update. For now, the guidance is still to recalibrate the fingerprint sensor. This time, Google says you should restart your phone twice after the calibration finishes.

Since the issue only affects units running pre-release software, most people shouldn't have any issues using the fingerprint sensor on their Pixel 7 series smartphone. However, if you did try out Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 on your device and are experiencing problems with the fingerprint sensor, this known flaw might be the reason. 

It's the latest in a string of bugs related to the fingerprint sensor on Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2. There's a current, minor issue that causes haptic feedback to be disabled occasionally while using the fingerprint sensor. Other issues caused the fingerprint scanner symbol to show up too quickly while waking the device, or to be dismissed too quickly due to crashes. 

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