1Password highlights account-saving Recovery Codes if you're locked out

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What you need to know

  • 1Password detailed its rollout of "Recovery Codes" that should help users regain access to their accounts if they lose their credentials or Security Key.
  • The company encourages users to create a code as soon as possible, as the option to do so will be unavailable if they're locked out.
  • 1Password is also reportedly preparing to bring a QR code sign-in method for existing users and new devices.

Today (June 20), 1Password announced a new, user-friendly method folks can utilize to ensure they never lose their data.

According to a blog post, 1Password is starting to roll out "Recovery Codes" to all users. The company states that it wants users to have "peace of mind and control that comes with knowing you’ll never be locked out of your account." 1Password states its Recovery Codes are "unique and secure" as they're generated by the main website or its app as a backup.

Users can grab a recovery code if they've forgotten their passwords, if two-factor authentication isn't an option, or if their Security Key is lost.

The post encourages users to create a recovery code as soon as possible, as that option will disappear if they can't access their account. Users can begin doing so with the following steps:

  • Open and unlock the 1Password app.
  • Select your account or collection at the top of the sidebar and choose Manage Accounts.
  • Choose your account and then select Sign-in & Recovery.
  • Select Set up recovery code and follow the onscreen instructions.

After regaining account access through a code, 1Password states users can reset their credentials (password). Recovery codes can be generated through the app or the website on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

The codes are lengthy, and 1Password suggests saving them somewhere you won't lose or forget.

This new account-saving method should help users breathe a sigh of relief as there was previously no way of saving their data, even with support. The company states its new codes should help Family Organizers and customers on its Individual plan breathe easy.

That's not all as 9to5Google states 1Password is preparing to incorporate a new, easier sign-in method for new devices "by the end" of the summer. According to the post, the company is preparing to bring a QR code sign-in for new devices that will be using your account.

The feature will reportedly arrive in beta first before hitting all users later in the year.

Recovery codes are starting to arrive a few months after 1Password brought passkey support to all users rocking Android 14.

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