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Apple Event 9-21
Apple Event 9-21 (Image credit: Apple)

Today is a big day for Apple fans as Cupertino takes to the virtual stage to show off its latest and greatest products, which we expect will include plenty of new hardware announcements like the highly-anticipated iPhone 13. And yes, we may be an Android-focused site, but we like to talk tech wherever we can, and there's no way we're missing this, which is why we're inviting our readers to our Discord channel so that you can join in on the conversation.

How to Watch

The Apple Event takes place today, September 14, at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can watch the event. Still, perhaps the most obvious is using the Apple TV app, which is fortunately available on many of the best streaming devices, although there's still no Android app. However, you can also tune in on the Apple website (opens in new tab) or on YouTube, which we've linked to below, so there's no shortage of ways to watch the event for anyone interested in seeing what Tim Cook has cooked up.

From last week's poll, we already have an idea of what some of our readers are most curious about; the iPhone 13. We're curious about that too, as well as the new Apple Watch Series 7 that's launching amid the Wear OS resurgence with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Apple is also expected to announce new iPads, AirPods, new MacBooks, and it has been rumored that we could see a new iPod Touch, so there will be a lot to see.

That said, we're excited to discuss the event with you, so make sure to head over to the Android Central Discord channel 15 minutes before the event, where we'll be covering it with Windows Central. Also, be sure to follow the event coverage on

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Derrek Lee
News Editor

Derrek is a long-time Nokia and LG fanboy who loves astronomy, videography, and sci-fi movies. When he's not working, he's most likely working out or smoldering at the camera.

  • If I were in the market to get a new iPhone I would wait for the iPhone 14. That flush back with no camera bump looks so clean.
  • If it does look like that, let's hope everyone copies it.
  • Lol Let's hope? Forsure everyone will copy. Everything Apple does the other manufactures especially the Chinese brands rush to copy /clone
  • Let's see what apple have copied from Samsung and other Android brands:
    * Widgets
    * App Library/app drawer
    * Notifications
    * Picture-in-picture
    * Wind Down mode / bedtime mode
    * Apple translate
    * Mirror/flip photos
    * Dark mode
    * WatchOS App Store
    * Stylus
    * Stereo speakers
    * Water resistance
    * Edge-to-edge screens
    * OLED display
    * 120HZ display
    * Larger screens
    * Multiple cameras
    * Wireless charging
    * OIS
    * No homebutton
    * Removing the audio jack (Yup, apple wasn't the first to do that)
    * Face unlock
    * Etc etc etc. You were saying? ;-)
  • iPhone 15 will be be better than that, but iPhone 16 will be the ultimate. I'd wait till then.
  • Not interested in anything Apple have to say... Over the moon with my Surface Duo and Fold 3...
  • Style over substance. The camera's in the new iPhones are inferior to the best from Samsung. Ya, I know, Apple consumers don't care and will "upgrade" to lagging edge devices anyways.
  • Discord seems such an appropriate name for a place for Android aficionados to discuss Apple.