Apple's new ad

Apple has put up a new web page (and sent out an email blast to spam folders everywhere) praising the iPhone 5 against the competition. Plenty of Android fans are going to debate every single word Apple says until we're all blue in the face, but what I can see is that Apple is finally taking the competition seriously, out in the open, in front of everyone.

When a company wants your attention, they bash the competition. See all of Samsung's ads from last year as an example, or the "I'm a Mac" ads from Apple. Android OEMs are pulling out all the stops and bringing us features we didn't even know could be done in both the hardware side (HTC's new microphones have me excited) and the software side (the way dual-camera video chat looked in the Galaxy S4 Unpacked event has me itching to try it). Apple wants to take your attention away from all this. Ads like the web page they launched today try to do just that.

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But getting your attention is easier than keeping it. To do that, Apple will have to ramp up on software changes, and take a few risks that they haven't been taking for a while. That's great news for the face of mobile, regardless of which side of the fence you're on. We all scream "copycat" (and Apple has been quick to call up their lawyers) when one company brings something we've already seen on some level from another. But when one company does something great, the rest do everything they can to deliver something just as "innovative" (I'm starting to hate that word) of their own. Since we're the ones buying, we all benefit.

Make no mistake -- Apple has some of the best people in the business working on what's next. The worry that phones like the HTC One, the LG Optimus G Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are going to steal a little more thunder than they have in the past is good for us all.

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