Apple's new Android app will keep you from being tracked by AirTags

Apple AirTag Find My
Apple AirTag Find My (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple launches Tracker Detect app for Android phones.
  • The app will allow Android phones to locate AirTags and other Find My devices.
  • The app includes instructions on removing the battery from an AirTag.

Six months after announcing that it was working on a privacy app for Android users, Apple has finally released its Tracker Detect app aimed at locating unknown AirTags.

The new app, which was first spotted by CNET, works by allowing owners of the best Android phones to scan for nearby trackers that are separated from their owners. The app can help users locate the tracker by prompting it to play a sound at least 10 minutes after being separated.

If you think the AirTag is being used to track you, the app includes instructions on how to disable it by removing the battery. Otherwise, if the tracker is in Lost Mode, users can tap the tracker with their NFC-enabled phone, and it will present the owner's contact details.

Source: Play Store

The new app is a response to privacy concerns that arose after Apple launched the new item tracker earlier this year, with many fearing that the tracker could be used as a way to silently stalk people.

Apple has since been working to address privacy concerns and updated the AirTag to reduce the time it took to ring an alert when it's away from its owner. This makes it easier for anyone to be alerted of any unknown AirTags that might be nearby.

With the new Tracker Detect app, Apple is giving Android users more power to find nearby AirTags without waiting for an automatic alert.

"AirTag provides industry leading privacy and security features and today we are extending new capabilities to Android devices," an Apple spokesperson told CNET in a statement. "Tracker Detect gives Android users the ability to scan for an AirTag or supported Find My enabled item trackers that might be traveling with them without their knowledge. We are raising the bar on privacy for our users and the industry, and hope others will follow."

Tracker Detect is available now on the Play Store and can locate any tracker connected to Apple's Find My network.

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  • Apparently there's a new trend where people attach them to expensive cars so they can be stolen later, so that's nice.
  • Could have done this with readily available Cell based GPS trackers already. The cost isn't prohibitive if you are stealing Lamborginis. All this does is democratized the concept so the common man can now steal that Gremlin he's been coveting.
  • Why isn't it available in canada and what coutry is it available for?
  • Who is going to install this app? People who think Apple users are spying on them? You cannot use the app to manage your own AirTags.
  • That's right. Somehow it is a problem that someone can slip an AirTag in your purse and stalk you, while it wasn't a problem for all the years Tile, Trakr and others that existed before AirTags. Apple had addressed the issue for those in their ecosystem from day one, but of course that wasn't enough. So, now, if you have an Android phone, and you are paranoid about someone slipping you an AirTag, you can check. If your stalker uses Tile or Trakr or a Samsung Tag, you are still out of luck.
  • So... I can install this app so I can participate in Apple's tracking network without buying any Apple products? Yay? Thanks for that privilege Apple.
    And security is "take the battery out"? Sorry. Excuse me. Security is "Download and install this app. Hope it finds the thing tracking you. Then take the battery out." Can you imagine if that was the opt out process for some marketing email? People would flip! But that's apparently an acceptable opt out process for not having your physical location tracked?
    Sorry, too much of my anti-Apple bias is probably showing through here.
  • Yeah no. I don't want Apple software on my Android devices.