Google resurrects the Nexus to throw shade at the iPhone 13, promote the Pixel 6

Nexus 6P
Nexus 6P (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Google Nexus Twitter account has sent its first tweet in four years.
  • Google continues teasing the upcoming Pixel 6 amid the new iPhone 13 launch.
  • OnePlus and Samsung have also joined in, poking fun at Apple's new smartphone.

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 13 on Tuesday, and of course, Android manufacturers are taking a moment to poke fun, most notably Google, who is preparing for the launch of its own flagship Pixel 6.

However, the company did not go through normal channels to tease Apple about its newest flagship. Instead, the company appears to have resurrected its old Google Nexus Twitter account with a simple tweet.

Google Nexus Pixel 6 Tweet

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

The tweet is notable in that Google has not been active on the Nexus Twitter account in roughly four years, moving its hardware-related tweets to the @MadeByGoogle account. And since the account is private, only those that follow it are able to see it.

Google has also updated the Pixel 6 splash page (opens in new tab) with a new image of its upcoming flagship. It shows the silver Pixel 6 Pro, giving us our best look at the device display.

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

That said, Google wasn't the only company poking fun at Apple. Manufacturers of some of the best Android phones also had their moment. OnePlus joined in by highlighting one of the most common phrases spoken whenever a new iPhone launches:

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Of course, we can all go on about what features the iPhone stole from Android, but unfortunately, we don't have all day.

Samsung also chimed in, poking fun at the relatively unchanged design of the new iPhone 13 while highlighting its latest foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 3:

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While Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable device, experts say we shouldn't expect it until at least 2023 while Samsung will continue to dominate that market.

The new iPhone 13 models feature the new A15 Bionic chip, brighter displays with 20% smaller notches and dynamic 120Hz refresh rates, improved cameras for better low-light and video recording, longer-lasting batteries, and larger storage tiers.

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone 13 or any of the other devices that Apple announced today?

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  • I will continue to say this every time those Android oem's do those silly jabs. Until Android is not an iOS clone from 2007 they should not talk. The entire industry is using the iPhone template so I would stay away from such jokes. Android went from a blackberry clone to an iPhone iOS clone and have not deviate from it one bit. Until one of those oem's move us past/beyond the iPhone template from 2007 they should shut-up.
  • Android blew past iOS long ago. iOS caught back up, sure. But realistically, at this point all of them are doing the same thing. Apple just like to play it safe with new features.
  • Samsung are good then. Unless you're somehow going to argue that the Z Fold is an iPhone clone.
  • What is this iPhone template exactly?
  • I think you should do some research and check out everything apple have copied from Samsung, Microsoft and other Android brands. It's a very, very, very long list.
    Apple wasn't even the first to remove the 3.5mm jack. Apple is years behind Android brands mate.
  • So your best example is the headphone jack removal? That thing that everyone had out torches and pitchforks for Apple when they did it. You want credit for that?
  • Samsung had Pitchfork and torches thrown their way when they did it too. It may or may not be one of many reasons why they've been dethroned by Xiaomi. Every Android OEMs that removes stuff like headphone jack or micro SDs gets pitchforks and torches thrown their way. It's been like this since forever.
  • I love how you call out the use of this example but make no mention of the fact that the original comment explicitly said that everyone is using the iphone's "template" with zero mention or example to credit it. A completely baseless and useless statement that just screams "Fangirl". The example of removing the jack was used because it's very common in these discussions to say that Android manufacturers copied stuff, like removing the headphone jack, from Apple which is arguably to most popularly cited example yet they weren't the first to do it. It's not about taking credit, it's about fact checking.
  • How is "I'd wait for #Pixel6" throwing shade exactly?
  • Because clicks. Gratuitous words.
  • It's the new trend with these android forums like here and sammobile to make these click baity hit pieces to either sh*t on Android and/or get the Apple fans riled up by bending information. Perfect example here. Just look at the comments. Everything Android manufacturers do now is going to be taken as a response to Apple.
  • Until an android gets 6 years of updates, they should be a little quiet. Google's new chip isn't even going to be as fast as an SD888, and that chip is 3 years behind the A15. There's a reason why Apple compares their phones to the previous year devices, while Android compares themselves to Apple. You know what I've had for nearly 10 years.... the ability of my text messages to live on every device.
  • Those Apple fast chips are wasted with iOS throttling. So I'm not impressed by that anymore. Name one thing the iPhone can do in 2021 that Android flagships can't? I'll wait...
  • Pass off USB 2 as "Lightning" fast?????
  • Have other devices in the ecosystem share earbuds/headphones seamlessly.
  • Define seamlessly. Please do. And
    while you're at it please explain how I'm not seamlessly able to connect my pair of non phone manufacturer TWS headphones to all my bluetooth capable devices but you can. Quantify it, if even a little bit. "Seamlessly" Some of y'all talk like walking Apple adverts with these buzzwords.
  • Samsung and other Android brands are paving the way for apple. It's been going on for years already.
    Apple wasn't even the first to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • No they weren't but as soon as Apple did it everyone followed. Google and Samsung made fun only for them to remove it the next yr, lmao. Same goes with removing the charger. Samsung made fun and soon after said they won't include in their phones lol.
  • Yes, because Google and Samsung are the only android manufacturers in existence. Because Samsung doesn't have a huge product lineup with different devices. They only removed the jack in their flagships. I like how you ignore the fact they weren't first to remove the Jack either.
  • Actually this year apple compared its A15 to the SD888 and Exynos2200. Reason? A15 is only 9 percent faster than A14. This proves that the A series is slowing down on momentum in terms of development.
  • I say who needs flagship devices when the mid-range phones are getting so good? I see no reason to spend the extra $$.
  • Yeah, even £200-250 Android phones are decent now - you could buy a new one every year and never have to worry about updates.
  • Apple doesn't mind because Apple knows they are the ones the others are constantly chasing and copying. You get made fun of when you are on top and Apple is definitely on top.
  • What apple have copied from Android brands:
    * Widgets
    * App library/drawer
    * App clips
    * Replace email and browser default apps
    * Notifications
    * Picture-in-picture
    * Edge-to-edge screen
    * High DPI screens
    * HD and Full HD screens
    * 120Hz displays
    * OLED displays
    * Notch display
    * Stylus
    * OIS
    * Optical zoom
    * Google translate, renamed as Apple translate
    * Cut, copy and paste
    * Removal of 3.5mm headphone jack
    * Password monitoring in safari
    * Mirror/flip photos
    * Live text and spotlight search
    * Siri is turning more and more into Google assistant
    * Emoji Search in Keyboard
    * 1TB storage
    * Multiple cameras
    * Macro shots
    * Bigger phones
    * NFC payment
    * OTA updates
    * Multicore processor
    * Fast charing
    * Stereo speakers
    * Dark theme
    * Smartwatch app store
    * Fingerprint sensor/TouchID
    * Face unlock/FaceID
    * etc etc What apple had first:
    * Slide to unlock Lol
  • Love the Fast charing (sic). That's a Samsung exclusive, right?
  • Yes, alot of features other manufacturers did bef Apple but didn't pick up until Apple did it. Apple's touch ID was more polished than Motorola so other manufacturers added it too. Samsung's iris scanner no one added it until Apple's 3D Face ID which was nothing like Samsung and worked way better. How long has Android had widgets and did nothing with them until Apple's more polished looking version debute. Look how when Apple added gesture navigations on the X how everyone added that to their Android skins. Even Google followed so fast with a buggy version. Next yr it was exactly polished like Apple's implementation. WebOS introduced those gestures and no bothered to add them. BlackBerry's BB10 was the last OS to use them and no one noticed until Apple did it! Point is Apple moves at its on pace. They don't rush to add a new feature /design that a Android manufacture did. However, whenever Apple adds a new feature, design or product how the Android manufacturers rush to copy /clone it, LMAO.
  • The fact that people still believe this Myth is... very cute. You want to take cheap shots? How about that fact that animojis were used as the main selling point of the X? How well did that take off? What about Apples 3d touch? That lauded feature that went nowhere? Their severely limited Widget support? Half assed attempt at multi tasking features like PIP? Who's copying Apple's big ass notch that they seem intent on keeping for some reason?
  • I think you should give credit where credit is due and add one more thing to the list of things apple did first: *Good Marketing. No, seriously, apple does marketing like nobody else. Everyone learned from apples marketing and tries to be as good as they are at it (to no avail still.)
  • I think anyone should be able to give them credit for this but then again it could just be chocked up to the American penchant for vanity. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. These people are convinced that owning Apple devices gives them status even if they are dirt broke. They'll even brag that Apple is a trillion dollar company because that benefits them somehow.. The best marketing tactic Apple did was to pay hollywood directors, Actors, Athletes etc to use their devices in movies, public appearances and such because it greatly helped to establish the idea of luxury and exclusivity. You see it in the oldest movies. They all use Macbooks and deliberate shots to show the Apple logo. Brands like Apple are very insular since they do everything in their power to pretend that no other brands exist [Though this facade is fading] it's easy to see why that would appeal to the American people. It's impressive they were able to pull this off when they have to outsource so much of their parts from other companies. Lol. The average American would probably melt if you told them their iPhone was assembled in sweatshops in china, not california.
  • Well, here it is to the most simplistic breakdown. Iphones are for people who live on the continent of Apple. They watch their fake news network that doesn't cover anything but Apple. So they know not of other lands that may have technologies that they may not have yet. They really don't care, they think they are on the best continent in the world.