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    Nova Launcher

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    • Vendor: TeslaCoil Software
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    Nova Launcher is one of the most popular home screen launchers in the Android ecosystem, preferred by many for its stock feel and immensely diverse yet simple customizations. From changing your icons and your grid sizes to fine-tuning animations and transitions, Nova is both easy for beginners to grasp yet detailed enough for seasoned themers to get things set just so.

    Nova Launcher comes in two flavors: free and Prime. The free version does more than enough for basic users, but some of the cooler features such as hiding -bloat- unused apps and enacting gesture controls are Prime only.

    Gesture actions are one of my favorite features in Nova Prime, allowing me to launch an app upon double-tapping my homescreen and trigger Tasker shortcuts by swiping the folders in my dock.


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