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Google Play Books

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Paper books are great, sure, but they're so 20th century. If you've yet to try reading on a tablet (or, if you must, a smartphone), it's time. And Google has you covered with Google Play Books.

There's not much that's surprising here. Google has a store for books. And it gives you an app on which to read them. (Or, if you prefer, you can read in a web browser.) And you get all the bells and whistles you'd expect. New York Times Bestsellers. Textbooks. And, for some classics, you get them for free. You can read offline, adjust font size and switch from day to night mode. Or, if you want, you can upload your own PDFs or EPUB files to your library. You can take notes, bookmark your position — and it's all synced across your devices, through your Google account.


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Google Play Books brings bigger bubbles to your comics with machine learning

Google Play Books brings bigger bubbles to your comics with machine learning

Google Play Books for Android has received a new feature that's sure to make a few comic book fans happy. Bubble Zoom can make comics easier to read, finding and automatically enhancing speech bubbles one at a time as you read. Bubble Zoom is powered by the company's machine learning...
New Night Light feature helps reduce eye strain in Google Play Books

New Night Light feature helps reduce twilight eye strain in Google Play Books

Google has rolled out a new feature to Google Play Books that should make for easier reading on your smartphone or tablet at night. Called Night Light, the feature filters out blue light from the screen, replacing it with an amber hue. The Night Light feature adapts based on the time of day and...
Google Play Books promotion offers selection of 44 free comics

Google Play Books promotion offers selection of 44 free comics

Following the announcement of the comic-friendly update to Google Play Books earlier today, Google is making a swath of digital issues free for a limited time. The collection offers a number of #1 issues from series' such as The Walking Dead, Batman, Spawn, and Detective Comics for free. Of...
Google play Books

Google Play Books update makes reading Superman and other comics easier

Comic books are slowly moving away from print to electronic media, and Google wants to make it easier to read the latest issue of Superman, Spider-Man or The Walking Dead via its Google Play Books app. The latest update includes a new way to navigate through the panes of a comic book. Google...
Google introduces Literata, the new font for Play Books

Google introduces new default font for Play Books, Literata

Google has changed the default font in the Play Books app to Literata, which they believe will offer a better reading experience. Literata is the name of the new font choice found in Google Play Books, and the change comes from Google in an effort to bring a better reading experience to all...

Editor's Roundtable — how we enjoy reading

Everyone reads a little differently, especially when technology is involved. One of the cool things about ebooks is the sheer number of ways you can consume a book. Whether you're jumping between device with cloud sync, ePaper all the way with a nice standalone device, or you lay across your...
Moon+ Reader

Using ePub files on Android

There's a big difference between open and functional, and it's not always easy to get both when it comes to ePub apps. You may not be aware of this, but if you're a fan of ebooks there's a good chance you have a collection of ePub files sitting around. There may be some unfortunate DRM in...

Using Kobo Books for your reading fix

The folks at Kobo have worked hard to be an ebook store built by and for readers, and their app is a worthy extension of those efforts. There are plenty of examples of ebook stores out there that exist as a part of a larger machine, but not nearly as many ebook stores that exist to just be...
Nook App

Doing all of your reading through the Nook app

The last major bookstore chain wants to be all things to all people, but it turns out that's not easy to do. It's not uncommon to hear someone refer to their ereader app as being a bookstore on their phone or tablet, but the folks at Barnes & Noble get about as close as you can towards...
Amazon Kindle app

Using Amazon's Kindle app to read all the books

Amazon has built an empire, a big part of which is giving you everything you need to never want to leave. The original Kindle experience was the spark that took ebooks from a cool thing that one friend of yours did to make all of their books digital to a global phenomenon that has threatened...
ebooks for everyone

A quick look at ebook stores for Android

Choosing an ebook retailer can be as simple as choosing what is right in front of you or checking the prices and content selection across the ecosystem. It's up to you. One of the amazing things about ebooks right now is the wealth of options available to users. Massive ebook libraries now exist...

The joys of reading on Android

Smartphones and tablets have become the default browsing and quick-read device for many people, but diving into entire books is often another matter entirely. Much in the same way the best camera is the one you have with you at all times, if you're a constant reader the thing you're most likely...



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Google Play Books


I am very angry over the inexplicable disappearance of my purchased book from google play books! I have had difficulties with many google apps since my ISP changed over to gmail driven email services creating conflict with my 14 year old standing acct name & the gmail acct I already had obtained after I purchased my android HTC one n 2009. I haven't been able to get any assistance from my local ISP nor can I find a way to resolve through Google. Anyone have suggestions?