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If there's one single reason to use an Android device, Gmail may be it. What once was the world's longest beta test is undoubtedly (though we may be a little biased here) the best way to manage email. It's available anywhere, at any time. It makes it virtually impossible to accidentally lose mail. Plus it's as fast on mobile as it is on a powerful desktop computer. 

Gmail does things a little differently, keeping your conversations as, well, threaded conversations — not just back-and-forth messages like back in the Dark Ages. It's a different way of doing things, but it works. And it works well.

If you haven't yet tried Gmail, you're absolutely missing out. Gmail comes standard with a Google account, and with it you'll get multiple gigabytes of free storage, so you shouldn't be running out of storage space any time soon.

The Android app continues to improve as well. It'll be refreshed with Google's new Material Design language. And it'll continue to lead the way for all other mobile email clients — especially on Android.


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Google Glass demo

Google Glass apps demoed at SXSW

Today we got a first look at some of the apps for Google's upcoming Glass. Many developers were in attendance, where Timothy Jordan explained the goal of the Glass experience: provide timely content and functionality that integrates into the user's daily life, while being careful not to get in the...
Gmail on the Nexus 7

Gmail for Android – A Complete Walkthrough

According to our not-so-scientific poll taken this time last year, chances are good that if you’re reading this then you use Android’s Gmail app. The latest update to Gmail bumped it up to version 4.2.2, adding some useful new features like swipe to delete, as well as the long awaited pinch to...
Windows Phone 8 Google Sync

Windows Phone-using Gmailers get a reprieve

Google extends EAS sevice through July; Microsoft says it'll update to CalDav/CardDAV Google is making a nice gesture today by extending the cutoff point for using EAS (Exchange Active Sync) to sync Google services to Windows Phone devices until July 31, 2013. If you'll recall back to December...
Android Central

Free Gmail calls in Canada and U.S. extended through 2013

Google has been offering Gmail users the ability to call standard phone lines for awhile, and it looks like the service will be continuing through 2013. Americans and Canadians can keep making calls for free, while international users will still have access to reasonable rates.  It's not a huge...

Gmail is down, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it [Updated]

Have you ever felt so helpless before in all your life? Update: GMAIL IS BACK! GMAIL IS BACK. PRAISE LLOYD ALMIGHTY, GMAIL IS BACK. Update 2: OMG IT MIGHT BE DOWN AGAIN. HOLD ME. Update 3: Looks like anything connected to Google is failing. Ads. Google Play Store. Basically, it's Judgment Day,...
Gmail update

Gmail 4.2 update now available for non-Nexus devices

Just a quick heads up that there's an update to your Gmail app that brings you the same version that we've been enjoying on the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2. That means you've got swipe to archive/delete, zoom into HTML e-mails (be sure to turn it on in the settings...

Microsoft launches new email app with old design

Microsoft has just released a new version of its email app to coincide with its overall email rebranding to from today. While the app brings a lot of features that Outlook users will like -- ActiveSync, Contacts and Calendar sync, multiple account support -- it is wrapped...
GMail Advanced Search

Advanced search operators now work in GMail 4.2

The GMail power users among us may be aware of some of the more advanced search operators that are at our disposal. Things like typing "from:david has:attachment" and getting relevant search results is a great feature for those of us with gigs upon gigs of mail waiting to be searched. These...
Android Central

Gmail for Android 4.2 purportedly features pinch-to-zoom, new gesture controls

The Android 4.2 and LG Nexus rumors keep on coming, as this morning we're hearing reports of what could be in the next version of Gmail for Android. According to Android Police, which claims to have obtained the new version of Gmail from an LG Nexus system dump, we'll be able to look forward to...
Android Central

No excuses: It's time to turn on two-step authentication

Your Google account holds your e-mail, apps, music, books, documents, cloud storage, credit cards and more. It’s time to protect that stuff with more than a simple password. If you’ve been watching the wider tech world over the past couple of days, you’ll be familiar with the recent misfortune of...
Android Central

Gmail updated with improved 7-inch tablet support, new labels API

For the first time since the launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the official Gmail app for Android has been updated. The new version is available right now through the Google Play Store, so head to the "My Apps" tab to get yourself up-to-date. There's not too much in the way of radical changes in...

Gmail video chat being upgraded to Google+ Hangouts

If we were ever in doubt that Google+ is becoming more of a focus for Google, today's Gmail announcement just reinforces it a little bit more. The video chat feature in Gmail is being replaced as of this morning. Taking its place, Google+ Hangouts.  It isn't that surprising to see this integration...
Sparrow and Google

Google snags e-mail genius Sparrow

Those of you dreaming of a better Android e-mail client might one day get your wish -- Google has acquired Sparrow. Sparrow's been an iOS/OSX staple, and we can only hope it'll bring its talents to Android, along with Gmail at large.  Writes Sparrow: We care a lot about how people communicate,...

Gmail free storage upped to 10GB, 25GB for paying Google Drive customers

Google has marked the launch of Google Drive by giving Gmail users an extra 2.3GB or so of storage. The company announced that it'll bump the free allowance up to 10GB (and counting) for free users, and 25GB for paying Google Drive customers, a substantial increase from the previous 7.7GB or so...

Gmail app update brings ICS features to Honeycomb

Google has updated the official Gmail app for Android today, with assorted changes for Android phones and tablets running Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. The most significant changes are for Android 3.2 tablets -- Honeycomb now gets access to a few handy features which until now have been...
Account Activity

Account Activity shows where and how you use Google services

Google today introduced "Account Activity", a feature that will track account holders' monthly usage of Google services. Each month, Google will send you a password-protected report that will statistics on your email usage, search history, and latitude check ins and plot the data against your...
Gmail app flicker

Google acknowledges Gmail app may be flickering, says fix is on the way

We've gotten a bunch of reports from you fine folks today regarding your Gmail apps causing a screen flicker, and being unable to get to your inbox. We never experienced it here, but that doesn't mean it wasn't happening, as forum threads were popping up all over the place. Google's just gotten...

Late-night poll: Do you use the Gmail app?

Gmail is one of Google's best products for many of us.  Personally, if my computer or smartphone is on, Gmail is running either in a browser window or through a mail client, and while using an Android device it's the first app I set up.  It's very well done on Android, and overall it's the best...
Android Central

New 'Experiments' Gmail feature discovered in Android 4.0.3

The Android 4.0.3 update for the Asus Transformer Prime brought with it some improvements to the Google Apps. However small any changes may be, nestled among them the Gmail application has received an interesting new feature menu known as "Experiments." Experiments at the moment consists of a...
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Phil's most-used Android apps of 2011

We go through a lot of Applications here at Android Central. Some are good. Some ... not so good. Some are awesome, but I don't need them. Here's a look at the apps that get me through the day, whether it's at home or on the road. 1. Twitter - Switching from Seesmic to Tweetdeck I used to be a...