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If there's one single reason to use an Android device, Gmail may be it. What once was the world's longest beta test is undoubtedly (though we may be a little biased here) the best way to manage email. It's available anywhere, at any time. It makes it virtually impossible to accidentally lose mail. Plus it's as fast on mobile as it is on a powerful desktop computer. 

Gmail does things a little differently, keeping your conversations as, well, threaded conversations — not just back-and-forth messages like back in the Dark Ages. It's a different way of doing things, but it works. And it works well.

If you haven't yet tried Gmail, you're absolutely missing out. Gmail comes standard with a Google account, and with it you'll get multiple gigabytes of free storage, so you shouldn't be running out of storage space any time soon.

The Android app continues to improve as well. It'll be refreshed with Google's new Material Design language. And it'll continue to lead the way for all other mobile email clients — especially on Android.


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Google to filter duplicitous Unicode Homoglyphs as spam in Gmail

Google has announced that it is updating its spam filtering algorithm in Gmail to stay ahead of spammers. Now, duplicitous Unicode Homoglyphs will be added to the spam filter and Gmail will reject emails with suspicious combinations of letters. This will help to protect users who may otherwise...
Yahoo Mail

​Yahoo teams up with Google on encrypted email service

Earlier this year, Google has rolled out end-to-end encryption for Gmail, which encrypts all Gmail traffic moving within Google's servers. Yahoo is undertaking a similar route, and has announced that it will be rolling out an end-to-end encryption service of its own by 2015 that will be...

Gmail makes unsubscribing from pesky mailing lists easier in new web update

Google has just announced a new feature for Gmail web users that should make it a lot easier to unsubscribe to any mailing lists they might be signed onto. In a post on the official Gmail Google+ page, the company stated: "Now when a sender includes an "Unsubscribe" link in a Promotions,...
Gmail can now read email addresses with non-standard characters

Gmail gets more inclusive, can read email addresses with non-standard characters

Google has announced that Gmail can now recognize email addresses that deviate from the standard Latin characters. In a move towards making email more inclusive, Gmail on the web, soon to be followed by Calendar, can now recognize accented email addresses, as well as addresses written in non-...
Gmail multiple accounts

How to: Use Gmail to send and receive email from your other accounts

There are a few hoops to jump through, but when it's all said and done you'll able able to manage multiple email accounts in Gmail As much as we wish we could all use just a single email address for everything, it isn't always possible or advisable for one reason or another. It's not uncommon to...
Gmail update brings better Drive sharing

Gmail update brings better Drive sharing

Google is now beginning to push out an update to its Gmail app for Android which brings better sharing of content that's stored on Google Drive. You can now simply insert files, photos, and documents directly from Drive into your Gmail body and manage permissions on the go as to privacy and...

Google adds 13 more languages to web-based Gmail

Google has announced that it has added 13 new languages to its web-based Gmail, along with feature phone browsers, bringing the total number of languages for its popular free email service up to 71. Specifically, the new languages that will start rolling out to Gmail users today are Afrikaans...

Google introduces new Gmail APIs for developers and their apps

Earlier today, Google announced and introduced new APIs for Gmail. These new APIs will help developers create apps that go beyond the limitations of IMAP. At least that's what Google is hoping for with today's announcement. Google praises IMAP for connecting email clients to email servers...
Gmail save to Drive feature

Gmail for Android updated with save to Drive feature, better RTL language support, and more

Google has updated the Android Gmail app, and have begun the release today. Over the next few days everyone will see an update that brings a few new features — like the ability to save to Google Drive and better support for right-to-left languages. Read on for the full list of changes. Save to...
Ads in Gmail

Google put an ad in my Gmail inbox — so why don't I care?

OK, it's a single ad. And it's semi-relevant to my interests. I am not outraged. I am not upset. In fact, there's a good chance that had we not received so many emails from folks wondering just who the hell Google thought it was, violating the sanctity of our inboxes with a sponsored email from...

Google testing big redesign, new features for web-based Gmail

Remember those leaked screenshots of a mobile redesign for Gmail? Next up its the turn of the regular web version which according to has its own redesign currently in testing. And if you look at the two side-by-side there's a bunch of similarities. One of the biggest changes is the...
Google reportedly looking into stronger encryption for Gmail

Google reportedly looking into stronger encryption for Gmail

The most sensitive part of your online Google existence is almost without question Gmail, and Google's working to make that more secure than ever. In response to revelations about the mass surveillance performed by the NSA, Google is reportedly looking at implementing more complex encryption...
Backed-up mobile shots can now be attached in Gmail

Backed-up mobile shots can now be attached in Gmail

Gmail on the web has added a handy new feature which lets you quickly attach images that are already in Google+ through Android’s photo auto-backup feature. This is a really great addition, considering how easy it is to start writing an e-mail on your computer, find out you need a photo from your...
Google fixes Heartbleed

Google updates back-end in light of Heartbleed vulnerability

If you've been online at some point in the last 36 hours, chances are you've heard of 'Heartbleed', a flaw in OpenSSL that has exposed data to theft on approximately 2/3 of servers in use around the globe over the past two years. It's not known how bad the damage may be, but the revelation of the...
Gmail custom theme sharing

Gmail gains custom theme sharing, Shelfies to live on

Google is now allowing users to share their custom Gmail themes, in a feature much like their Gmail Shelfie April Fool's joke (was it really a joke?). If you are using a custom theme in Gmail, simply go to Settings and under Themes, you'll see the new "Share your theme" option. You will be able...
Potential new Gmail features revealed in leaked screenshots

Potential new Gmail features revealed in leaked screenshots

Some leaked Gmail screenshots are revealing a tantalizing array of new features. You'll find new sorting tabs for Travel, Purchases, and Finance, and a pinning system so important e-mails stay at the top of the list. Conversely, you'll also be able to snooze e-mail threads that aren't especially...
Katy Perry's... kitty

Gmail Shelfie: share your selfie as your friend's Gmail theme

Google is celebrating Gmail's birthday and April Fool's today. They've announced "Shelfies" as a way to share your selfies (SHare sELFIES — get it?) through the Gmail interface. Billed as a replacement theme that will be rolling out in the next few hours, Google also tells us that self-portraits...

All Gmail will now use HTTPS, messages will be encrypted when moving inside Google

Initiatives were 'made a top priority after last summer's revelations' Google has steadily improved the overall security of several of its apps and services, and the latest move is moving to HTTPS and encryption across all of Gmail. Starting today, every single time you send or check your Gmail...
Starred Contact in Gmail

You can now 'star' contacts through Gmail

From emails to contacts the star makes it easy to find the most important things For years we have used Google's starring system to keep track of important emails, and now you're able to star your contacts as well. Keeping track of huge contact lists can be a bit of a difficult task — finding...

Gmail update pushing out, enables 'always show images' setting

Images displayed through a proxy server to keep you safer A couple of days ago a lucky few first saw an update for Gmail that enables the automatic display of images in messages. Today it seems that the update is pushing out hard and reports of users receiving it are coming in. There is no...