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Firefox Browser for Android

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The odds are pretty high that you have Internet browser Firefox installed on your computer. You can also have it on your Android device!

The mobile version brings some awesome features over from the desktop version. Add-ons, for one, have made the transition. For example, you can have AdBlock Plus and LastPass Password Manager right on your phone.

The mobile and desktop versions can work in tandem with one another when you sync your bookmarks, history, passwords and tabs. You just need a Firefox account to get that up and running.

There are plenty of options available to you when you first start up the browser, or from your home page. You can swipe to alternate between top sites (or the sites you visit most frequently), bookmarks, your browsing history and your reading list. You can save articles you want to read later to your reading list. To do so, you just need to long-press an icon that looks like a book when it appears in the browser's title bar.

When you first download the browser, you are warned that Firefox shares some things with Mozilla, the organization that makes Firefox. Firefox can send information about app crashes and information it collects when monitoring browser performance. You can choose to have that information sharing disabled.

Special guest browsing sessions can be initiated, meaning that somebody else who uses your device will not be able to see your browsing history, passwords or bookmarks. When the guest browsing session is terminated, your browsing session will be restored.

There are other useful features, of course. You may view your downloads and download history. You may also launch a private browsing tab. When you are using a private browsing tab, Firefox will not track your browsing history and it will not keep cookies or other temporary Internet files.

Firefox for Android has plenty of things going for it, and it brings many things we love about the desktop browser to our Android devices. It'll be interesting to see how it develops in the future.


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