LG continues to try and wow the world ahead of the launch of their latest superphone, with yet another promotional video. This time around, the camera on the forthcoming LG Optimus G is the center of attention, with some bold claims being made by the Korean OEM. 

We're promised a 13MP rear shooter -- although in some markets, this will be reduced to 8MP -- with world beating image quality for smartphones. The ultra slim camera module was developed in house by LG Innotek, and has one of the largest pixel counts on a smartphone to date. As we've said before though, mega pixels mean nothing if the image quality is poor. 

An emphasis on new technologies, and "state of the art" comes across through the video, with the overall design of the phone itself not being compromised for the sake of a huge camera. Instead, it is the camera that has undergone a transformation. 

Features such as time machine camera, smart shutter and voice activated shooting are also mentioned. All around, the Optimus G is shaping up to be a goliath of an Android smartphone, and the more we learn the more excited we are to finally, one day get our hands on it. Whether or not the "worlds best" moniker holds up though, well, that's a story for another day.