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Another big-time Twitter app hits big wall: Falcon Pro can take no new users

Falcon Pro, one of the most popular third-party Android Twitter clients, has hit the infamous 100,000-user token limit. This means that unless you've already used and authorized Falcon Pro, you're not going to be able to log into Twitter from the app.

That, in a word, sucks. But neither should it surprise anyone.

Before you go and start leaving one-star reviews and whining on Google Play, you need to understand what happened, and who is at fault. Last August, Twitter announced it would be updating its API. Two major changes from that update come into play here. The first is that every call back to Twitter requires authentication, and that the number of tokens used to authenticate would be capped at 100,000 for new applications. If an existing application already has more than 100,000 users, its cap is set at double its existing user base. It sounds complicated, but what it means is that if someone were to build a Twitter client (like let's say, Falcon Pro) only 100,000 users could log into Twitter using it. Twitter can grant an exception, but they haven't yet as far as anyone is aware.

That's the why, now a look at who to blame for it. It's not the application developer's fault. Twitter makes them jump through hoops, and the folks building Twitter apps like Falcon Pro do a good job working inside Twitter's strict parameters. But the 100,000 token (read: user) limit can't be worked around. Twitter puts it there so no one third-party client can become dominant, or more popular than their own lackluster app. The cause of this one all lies at Twitter's feet.

What can we do, you ask? Well the first thing you'll want to do is release any tokens you're not using. This makes them available to someone else, and every little bit helps. After that, there's not much we can do about it. There's a petition going around about Falcon Pro hitting the limit, but Twitter isn't going to change policy over a petition. You've got two choices: find a different Twitter app, or stop using the service and vote with your feet. 

I'm doing the latter.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • i don't think Falcon hit 100,000 the Dev said it was at around 40,000 still its flipping stupid what twitter is doing
  • There were 40,000 people that paid for the app. Which means 60,000 pirated it
  • I wouldn't say that means 60000 people pirated let's not forget quite a few people use multiple devices too for example I have falcon pro on my s3 and on my nexus 7 and also am sure they may be some who brought the app and refunded it but that token is most likely in sure plenty dont even know about the twitter token...when I went to release my tokens I found I was using Up about 20 plus wHich I was not using..considering there is like what 300 million twitter users to limit apps to just 100,000 is bad on twitters part, if it wasn't for all these twitter apps in the first place I doubt twitter would have as many people as they do and now that they have the users they basically slapping the developers in there face.
  • I don't think each device requires a token just one token for the whole account.
  • Twitter is pissed that Devs are creating basically a skin application for twitter, which they run and update and operate, and the Devs make money from all twitter's work and management without seeing a red cent for it. So to keep developers from making a ton of money off of them they token limit. If the Dev's were to give twitter a "Taste" of their profit, twitter would be more than happy to probably up there usage. MHO
  • Falcon Pro side loads on blackberry 10 seamlessly. This with the fact the native twitter app for BB10 is complete garbage makes me think a lot of BB10 users could have helped get Falcon Pro up to 100,000
  • Haha. I see what you did there.
  • 40K genuine users who bought the app from Google Play. Estimated that 60K have pirated the app.
  • You also have to take into account the people who used the trial (Google Play 15min refund).
  • Can't they revoke the tokens of the pirated apps?
  • There's no way for Twitter to know who pirated the app.
  • Jeeze....Glad I bought this app when I did, its my go-to twitter client.
  • tank god I bought the app yesterday... I might be the last one lol.
  • I got Falcon Pro a couple of weeks ago on my HTC Evo 4G works great and I like it much better than my former client, TweetDeck...
  • There were not 60K pirates. The new twitter policy says that every call back to twitter, per device, per account, requires a token. I have 2 accounts and my phone and a table. Thus, I use 4 tokens. I cannot login to Falcon Pro on my tablet for one of my accounts because I had not authorized it prior to them hitting the limit even though my phone has the app authorized for that account already.
  • Incorrect it's not every device. If I have Falcon Pro on my Nexus 10, and my Nexus 4, they share the same token. Re-read the TOS. I just got my Nexus 10 and signed in fine.
  • Well, that was quick! Good thing I installed and set up Carbon on launch day. And why would anyone pirate a $0.99 app? I'm cheap, but I'll pay for an app if I want it (or choose a free alternative if I don't).
  • I don't know... If you can afford a smartphone, you can afford a $0.99 app.
  • There are still places where the Play Store isn't available, and places where credit cards aren't common - so those people have no way to pay for a $0.99 app.
  • Why not change the name and put it up as a different app
  • That's actually a pretty good idea. But Twitter might catch them and force the app to be taken down.
  • The dev also had it as a free beta version for a long time. That is where I tried it out and that could account for a large amount of tokens.
  • I couldn't remember if I had done the same, so I went in to Twitter and checked what I had it authorized for. No Falcon Pro for me, it seems. If it had been on there, I would have revoked my token so that a paid user could have access.
  • The free beta uses its own set of tokens.
  • I don't understand "tokens" but is there anything I can do to release the ones I'm not using?? Or think I'm using?? I'm clueless here. Thanks for a helpful reply.
  • There is a link in the last paragraph of the article. Click on the blue words that say "release any tokens you aren't using".
  • You are going to stop using twitter. Gosh, 1/2 million tweeters hearts just skipped a beat!
  • Bleh. I just stopped using Twitter all together. I found it was a massive time vampire and it really offered nothing new that an rss feed didn't provide me anyway. I have text messages and Google talk for instant messaging.
  • I recently had to reset my Twitter password. I couldn't find any way to re-enter the password in Falcon pro so I just cleared data and authorized Falcon again. Does this mean now that I won't be able to reathorize or will I continue using the same token?
  • No, Twitter won't allow any more logins, even if you already have a token. Changing your Twitter password will not block Falcon from logging in. It does not use password-based login.
  • The guy above me is wrong on this. The tokens are tied to your account. As long as you have logged into Falcon Pro at some point, and acquired that token, you will be able to log in no matter what until you release that token. I can still log into some of the apps that have hit a wall because I didnt release the token (released all of mine now except Falcon and Carbon because i'm waiting for Carbon to get better then I may release my Falcon token). So yeah, you should be fine and able to log in as long as you have the token in your account. Go to settings on the browser twitter and check.
  • Thanks.
  • Preach on Jerry!!! I think we should all use Google+ or Facebook, but I would prefer more people use Google+ (better UI and it integrates with EVERYTHING ANDROID).
  • if I was a dev I would just start creating apps and calling them Falcon pro 1, falcon pro 2, etc... with a statement directing people to which app was the most recent and could accept new people. I would keep the app as similar between versions as possible while still allowing it to be a separate app.
  • I think the apps have to be approved first. Anyone trying this would likely have them all revoked.
  • 1. This makes me really glad I don't use twitter
    2. Why is Twitter being so dumb about this? You want people to use your official app? Then make it not suck. Obviously your app sucks so badly that people would rather pay money for a different twitter app than use your crappy official app. How about instead of punishing developers for creating products that are better than yours, you fire whoever coded your app and hire the write of Falcon Pro or another popular twitter app.
  • If I flash my phone/uninstall Falcon Pro, do I lose my token? Or do I have access to the token no matter what? Please help, as I have encountered a terrible ROM that prevents my phone from falling asleep.
  • The token is tied to your twitter account, not your phone. So you'll be fine.
  • Sucks, Falcon Pro is the best twitter app for android, I've tried almost all of them... Twitter is being really annoying, I hope they get some serious bad press for this crap. I went ahead and released a bunch of unused tokens from other apps, but I think we all know that isn't going to change anything anyway.
  • The way this article is written, Jerry, you seem to not even give a shit about this happening. Why even write an article on it?
  • Just curious, but could it be that Twitter is lumping the paid and free apps together, meaning a total of 100,000 users combined?
  • 100k really isn't a large number er when you think about it that is the population of a medium sized town. Heck there are more people than that living in some of the large apartment buildings in NYC
  • glad i have falcon pro its is the best i've use and i also released all other clients
    twitter should increase it from 100k users thats nothing in a world of billions
  • Its Twitter trying to FORCE users to use their app... If they made an app worth using, keeping up with features that users WANT, they would not have to FORCE people to use their app... Another vote with the feet here......