Weekly Photo Contest: Water

Five winners made a splash with their photo this week

We've constantly been impressed by the number and quality of submissions to our weekly photo contests as of late, and this week was no exception. Following the prompt "water," we saw hundreds of great entries this week, and although we were able to select more than one winner, we couldn't give away prizes to everyone.

Hit the break to see our five winners this week, who will each be receiving a new Android Central t-shirt.

Winner of an Android Central t-shirt, tlimon!

Weekly Photo Contest: Water Winner

This great picture was taken with a Galaxy S4 and tuned up a tad with Snapseed. We love the perspective that gives great detail to the first few spouts of water then blurs off into the distance with the rest. Awesome shot!

Winner of an Android Central t-shirt, racingbmwm3!

Weekly Photo Contest: Water Winner

We enjoy this shot of some crystal clear water with the rocks underneath simply for having multiple layers of interesting features. You can focus on the water itself with the light reflecting, or look down and see how the rocks are distorted by the ripples above. Great one.

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Winner of an Android Central t-shirt, chsszc!

Weekly Photo Contest: Water Winner

We're not sure this is the best organization of these little boats, but we really like the perspective of this shot. Taken with a Galxy S4, this looks like such a nice day out, but the whole area seems deserted — very cool.

Winner of an Android Central t-shirt, tranceunte!

Weekly Photo Contest: Water Winner

How can you say no to a view like that? Calm water with the sun setting in the background behind the clouds, giving an interesting split of light across the water. Great photo taken with an HTC One X.

Winner of an Android Central t-shirt, lakedubvt!

Weekly Photo Contest: Water Winner

Silhouette photography is tough to do, but the sun really did you some favors on this shot. It has a great perspective with the expansive water in the background, and the colors just put it over the top. This one was taken with an HTC One.

Keep an eye on your doorsteps and mailboxes for a package, the t-shirts are on their way!

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!