Weekly Photo Contest: Height

We're looking at yet another successful weekly photo contest, this time pulling in pictures from dozens of you following the prompt of "height." We saw pictures of all kinds that hit this week's prompt right on the head, and we're glad we had the opportunity to pick out four winners this week. Each winner of this week's contest will receive an awesome Android Central T-shirt as well. Read along and check out the four winners this week.

Winner of an Android Central T-shirt, azetoh!

Weekly Photo Contest: Height Winner

What a fantastic representation of height — looking straight to the sky up the trunk of an amazingly tall tree. Fantastic perspective makes this shot look even taller than it already is. Taken with a Galaxy S4 in HDR mode.

Winner of an Android Central T-shirt, iCTO!

Weekly Photo Contest: Height Winner

Another great example of using a really low point of view to make your subject look even taller — this time with some great tall buildings across the street. Not only is this an incredibly clear shot, but also one that shows off the great height of the building. Taken with a Droid DNA and edited with Snapseed.

Winner of an Android Central T-shirt, cheshirecat79!

Weekly Photo Contest: Height Winner

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this picture looks at extremely tall buildings .. but from an even taller building. It's pictures like this that make those afraid of heights a little weak — and that means it's a great choice for a winner this week. This one was taken with a Droid X (yes, really) and wasn't edited.

Winner of an Android Central T-shirt, Datalux!

Weekly Photo Contest: Height Winner

Another little bit of an optical illusion here, this time with the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas. It depicts the New York City skyline in a miniature scale — a perfect shot of height in a different sense. This final winner was taken with a Galaxy Note 3.

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Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!