As an Android user, what do you think about iOS 14?

iOS 14 widgets
iOS 14 widgets (Image credit: Apple)

Yesterday, June 22, marked the beginning of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference — also known as WWDC. This entire event this year is being held virtually given the current state of the world, including the opening keynote in which Apple unveiled its latest plans for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and macOS.

Of those announcements, iOS 14 was definitely one of the major takeaways. This latest update makes iOS more like Android than ever before, adding things like home screen widgets, an app drawer, and picture-in-picture.

It's easily one of the most significant iOS updates we've seen in years, but as an Android user, how's it look to you? Some of our AC forum members recently shared their own thoughts, saying:

More I can customize ios the better :)


It's definitely not innovation to add features that have existed in competing devices for nearly a decade. It's more like about time. Either way iOS doesn't interest me, no desire to leave Android.


I'm loving the direction Apple is headed in, especially in terms of security and battery tech in their devices. I'm looking forward to iOS 14.


You know the cool thing about iOS 14 though?? That if you have a 5 year old iPhone 6S... for whatever reason you still have one maybe because you just can't afford a new phone every 2-3 years... Apple will still think about you and give you iOS 14 when it's released to get as many of those features that your hardware can support. My Note 8 that retailed for close to $1000?? OneUI 2.1 for...


What say you? As an Android user, what do you think about iOS 14?

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