iOS 14 stole these 8 useful features from Android

iOS 14
iOS 14 (Image credit: Apple)

Apple just held its Worldwide Developer Conference, also commonly referred to as WWDC (or my personal preference, dub dub). This year's WWDC is where Apple showcased iOS 14, which looks to be one of the most substantial iOS updates in quite a while. The home screen is more customizable than ever before, widgets are a thing, and — yes — Apple added an app drawer.

If those sound like things Android has had for years, you're right. Apple may talk about some of iOS's features as being revolutionary and groundbreaking, but truth be told, it just looks more like Android than ever before.

On that note, here's a quick look at 8 things iOS 14 copied from Android.

Home screen widgets

Source: Apple

iOS 14 ushers in the biggest change to iOS's home screen than ever before, the first part of this revolution coming in the form of home screen widgets.

Widgets have existed in iOS for a while, but up until now, they've been limited to the leftmost page. Not only have widgets been completely redesigned, but now you can add them on your legit home screens. Widgets can have different sizes to make sure you get the right amount of information that you want, and you can place as many or few as you want.

Apple also created a new "Smart Stack" widget that automatically displays different app widgets based on the time of day, and while that's something we haven't seen in Android before, the idea of home screen widgets is one that's existed in Android since the very beginning.

App drawer

Source: Apple

Speaking of the home screen, something else that's coming to iOS is an app drawer. Well, Apple calls it the "App Library," but it's the same basic idea. The App Library lives on the far right of your iOS 14 home screens, and it groups all of your installed apps in smart folders. You can also use the search bar to find a specific app if you don't feel like digging through the pre-made groupings.

This also means that iOS 14 now allows you to hide apps on your regular home screens, further converting it into a very Android-esque experience.


Source: Apple

If you have an Android phone, chances are you're pretty familiar with picture-in-picture. Being able to have a video play in a small window on the home screen is something we've had since Android 8.0 Oreo, but our iOS friends have been living life without it.

iOS 14 finally adds picture-in-picture to the iPhone, allowing you to view your video on your home screen or over another app and multitask with ease. You can also hide the PiP player in a sidebar if you want to keep the audio playing but hide the actual video.

Apple may not have invented picture-in-picture, but it is improving on it to make the execution one of the best out there. iOS 14 allows you to easily adjust the size of the PiP player by dragging the corner, which is a small tweak that should make the day-to-day experience substantially better.

Set default apps

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One of the longstanding complaints about iOS has been the inability to set third-party apps as a default app. For example, even if you have Google Chrome installed as the web browser you prefer using, tapping a link would always open it in Safari with no way to change it.

This is finally changing in iOS 14, with users now having the ability to set their default email and browser apps.

Apple sneakily snuck this in as a small graphic during the WWDC presentation rather than explicitly talking about it, so even if the company's a bit ashamed about finally caving to add the feature, it's a great touch that'll benefit a lot of users.

Translate app

Translate app in iOS 14

Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

Google has a lot of excellent apps/services under its belt, but one of the most useful is Google Translate. While it's been the source of some excellent memes, Translate is a legitimately excellent tool for communicating with people that don't speak the same language as you.

Apple's using iOS 14 to introduce its own Translate app, which functions basically the same way. You choose the language you want to speak, which language you want it to be translated to, and then start talking. When you're done, Translate reads out your message and also shows the translated text on your screen.

The app itself looks good, but there's a big difference compared to what Google offers. Apple Translate is debuting with just 11 supported languages, whereas Google Translate works with over 100.

App Clips

iOS 14 App Clips

Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

Back in 2017, Google launched the initial test of Android Instant Apps — a way to run lightweight apps and games without having to install them. Just tap a button, and you have instant access to a lightweight version of a fully-fledged application. About a year later in May 2018, Android Instant Apps were made available to all developers under the name "Google Play Instant."

With iOS 14, Apple is taking a page out of Google's playbook yet again with "App Clips."

App Clips are Apple's take on Google Play Instant, allowing you to run a lightweight version of an iOS app without having to install it. Scan a QR code, hold your iPhone to an NFC tag, or tap a web link, and just like that you're running an App Clip.

App Clips show up in the new App Library after you use them, and if you want, you get a shortcut for easily downloading the full application.

New Siri design

New Siri interface in iOS 14

Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

Prior to iOS 14, triggering Siri would result in the digital helper overtaking your entire home screen. It was fine, but it completely took you out of whatever you were previously doing.

Now, Siri pops up with a small indicator on the bottom of your screen that keeps you on the current app or website you were previously interacting with. It's a much more similar approach to what it looks like when you trigger the Google Assistant on an Android phone, and while it's a small tweak, there's no denying that Android did it first.

App permissions in App Store

App Store permissions in iOS 14

Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

Android has been laser-focused on revamping app permissions over the last couple of years, resulting in the OS feeling more user-friendly and privacy-conscious than ever before. Privacy is one of the company ideals Apple prides itself the most on, which makes it that much more hilarious that it's just now adding app permissions to the App Store.

When you view an app on the App Store in iOS 14, you'll finally see which permissions that app asks for. It's a pretty basic idea, but it's something that previously hasn't been offered on iOS.

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • After, in some cases, over a decade without those features, Apple users deserve a break. They know their crap is as derivative as anyone else's now. They no longer brag, and I don't even bother beating a horse that's dead.
  • Apple is FINALLY cleaning up their home screen. Proper widgets too. I'll admit, my interest is piqued.
  • Yea, on Android you can customize your home screen to make it the way you want it, something you could never do on iOS
  • Well you can now, Apple is finally silencing the snobby Android fanboys with the changes in iOS 14.
  • You still can’t put an app icon anywhere you want, use different themes or launchers, icon packs etc. Widgets are a start but the home screen is still nowhere near as customisable as on android.
  • I don't want iOS to go full on Android with those features I don't use. I use Android and don't customise my phone beyond setup and don't care for icon packs either. iOS 14 has the things that I truly care about, PIP, changing default apps and the App Library.
  • You sound like an apple user here pretending to be an android user just to troll.
  • Let him be. Look at how excited he is to have dated features Android users been using.
  • Not even close...but it's a start I guess.
  • Apple has silenced all but the most diehard of Android fanboys with all of theses features, you may sneer and say well "Android has had these features for years" well this is Apple and most of the time Apple's implementation of an existing Android feature is better and Android OEMs fall over themselves to bring back the feature that they had give up on lol.
  • It's not even close to the level of customization you can achieve with Android. That is empirical fact. You opinion that Apple's implementations are better is just opinion. And I would wholeheartedly disagree with that opinion since apparently you think having a fraction of the customization ability is somehow better.
  • I could care less about having gazillion customisation options on my phone, I care about updates, security and privacy all which Apple does better than Android along with ease of use and while Android has improved on ease of use, Apple is still easier to use and as a Visaully impaired person, Apple's accessability options are far better and that a fact.
  • Just get a dumb phone bro so you can shut up about all things Android and iPhone.
  • Go screw yourself, I can use whatever phone I want that's suits my needs and that is an iPhone first and Android a distant second.
  • iOS Translate is on device, which will make it a lot faster, cheaper and private.
  • And likely even worse.
  • Let's see how the iOS translate app pans out first before jumping to conclusions. It surely can't be any worse than Apple Maps
  • The lowest of bars lol
  • Apple is playing "catch up" again. Just like Android had NFC years before Apple
  • So what? Picture in picture is actually going to be better on iOS because you can adjust the window of the app you're using that supports it.
  • You can already do that on Android. For both supported apps and unsupported apps. Had the feature for ages my Galaxy S8+ and now my Note 10+
  • I see you know nothing about android.
  • I've been using Android long enough to know it better but with pictures in picture on Android you can't adjust the window of the video you're only like on iOS that much I know but mostly you're right it still appears that I'm still more familiar with Apple than Android, right down to most of the Apple excecs with that's been there since I had my last iPhone. Well that's because the Apple excecs are more interesting than their Android counterparts, I only know the Google CEO that's it, the rest don't market themselves as well as Apple does. Even on iMore I knew who everyone was, o still don't on Android Central lol.
  • Man... They invented some nice stuff this year! I'd like to see Android OEMs copy the red dot when recording video or audio. Give a Corona around the notch or hole punch.
  • Do iPhones have an AOD display?
  • That is coming in 2025. Lol
  • AOD isn't important to me at least. But if it is to you that's fine.
  • They will just use the age old apple fraise "there's an app for that"
  • It’s not important because Apple don’t have it yet. I bet widgets were not important to you until yesterday. Now they are and you’re shouting from the rooftops about it. I’m an iPhone user before you label me a hater.
  • I use 1 widget on my Android phone and it's a weather widget but yes, overall I don't care for widgets but Apple will make widgets seem less and easier to use on iOS unlike Android.
  • How hard was it to use on Android?
  • Not very hard but widgets on Android are not that intuitive and I'm sure that widgets will be more intuitive on iOS.
  • It's important to most people. You're the minority
  • Only to a minority of nerdy Android users like yourself, the average Android users don't care about widgets and neither does the average iPhone user.
  • How would you even know that? If you got research proving the claims of your comment, I'd like to see them.
  • Typical iphone user.
    "That feature that other platforms have is not important"
    ***Feature Arrives Years Later***
    "This feature is revolutionary!"
  • You have to excuse bener, whatever phone he's rocking is the best ever. A year or two ago he was beating our heads in over Google phones.
  • That will change when I get my iPhone 11, I'm tired of switching between platforms, iOS and iPhone are a perfect fit for me and I intend to go full on in the Apple ecosystem, which is second to none, yes Android has its strengths but iOS, has what I want, optimised and better quality of apps, a superior app store with better exclusives, lfar superiority long term software support and better accessibility features for visually impaired people like me and iOS 14 (Apple's finally silenced a lot of the Android fanboys) only reinforces my belief that I'm making the right decision to return to iPhone. You never forget your first love and iPhone was my first smartphone and there for my first love. Plus Android is now becoming boring to me.
  • I'm pretty this is just Richard Yarrel's new avatar lol (only OGs will get his reference)
  • You could be right....ha ha!
  • You're not the litmus test for new features to add to iOS/iPhone. Just because it's not important to you or any small group of customers doesn't mean it shouldn't be added. Apple Podcast isn't important to me, should they remove it?
  • I'm not saying they should remove any features that aren't important to me but things like AOD and multitasking which I have on my 7T already, which I don't use and I personally loved podcasts on iPhone, more than the Google podcasts on Android but it's fine to have our preference in what's important to us and what isn't.
  • Still no split screen, pop up windows, chat bubbles, or OTG ability.
  • I don't really see what value your post is adding, or the general snidey way this is reported. The truth is both Android and iOS are really great operating systems these days, but it's true they both have their relative strengths and weaknesses. I'm mainly an iPhone user, and am delighted Apple are finally getting round to pinching some of these features from Google. I'd assume this also goes the other way - or has Android been so perfect there's nothing it's needed to copy from iOS?
  • Of course because you're a butthurt iFag
  • You must be the lgFag everyone is talking about.
  • Well said @Simon Lewis2 the thing is Android users on here are snobby elitsts who think they're better than iPhone users which is just sad in 2020, both platforms are great now but like you I lean more towards iOS.
  • @beno For someone who's bombing the comments with how much "better, faster, and easier" Apple is making these features, you're not exactly making your case.
  • Ok here's my case, these features for iOS 14 are implemented more cleanly than on Android and I like how that you only have swipe to right to get to the app library where as you have to swipe up for the app drawer on Android, the the widgets will be better on iOS because Apple will make sure that developers use widgets for their apps and o think that widgets on iOS will more useful. And being able to choose your default apps on iOS is a huge deal because it wasn't possible before along with calls no longer taking up the whole screen which will change the way iPhone users (I will soon be one again in August) use their iPhones forever and the fact that Apple is taking notice of what Android is doing and adding the it's best features should be a compliment because it shows the impact of those features.
  • That's like, your opinion, man.
  • You haven't even used these features yet, and they're better? Ok.
  • It's already a known fact that when Apple introduce a feature that's already existed on Android, they make it more accessible to the masses and is already perfected unlike Android OEMs and that includes Google.
  • No, that actually what we call an opinion.
  • Ok look at Android phones over the last 7 years, before the iPhone 5S, fingerprint sensors on Android phones were slow and buggy and weren't really a thing before touch ID and nobody cared for Android's insecure face unlock untill Face ID on the iPhone X and it'll be the same with widget on iOS even though widgets have existed on Android for a long time without widespread adoption. Time for you to accept reality, not only does Apple improve existing features available on Android first it makes them popular. In the case of face unlock on Android you still can't ever use it for contactless payments or your banking apps like you can on iPhone and still isn't as secure as face ID either.
  • None of what you said there changes the fact that you stated an opinion, and called it fact. Maybe your new iPhone will have a dictionary app that you will like.
  • The fact is that Apple makes existing features on Android popular and improve them by actually putting thought into bring said Android features and making them work for iOS which is something few Android OEMs do.
  • iOS "improving" features is an opinion. Not a fact. Are you ok?
  • I'm ok? I think it's you that isn't ok, yes I'm stating an opinion just as you are.
  • You literally started your sentence with "The fact is.."
  • This is a clear example of projection. Since when are Android users the snobs lol...that attitude is generally attributed to iphone people. I still hear the "Android is for poor people" argument all the time.
  • And I heard the "iPhones are for kids and grannies" and all from salty Android users. I'll admit I was bashing Apple for a while but only because I was mad at them for the 2017 "battery gate" fiasco.
  • Pretty sure no one had ever said that unless you are quoting your past self.
  • Android fanboys on here have definitely referred to iOS as a "Toy OS"
  • Look up what the phrase "moving the goal posts" means.
  • I don't care about split screen, I don't use it on my OnePlus 7T, I do care about picture in picture though and yes I know it's been on Android since Android 8.0 Oreo the most exciting features for me is iOS users are finally allowed to change their default apps now and the 6s and 6s Plus are getting iOS 14 as well. That's 5 years now no Android phone can match that level of support.
  • ***Apple Refuses To Implement a Basic Feature***
    iPhone users: "This is not important"
    ***Apple Implements A Knee-capped Version Of A Basic Feature***
    iPhone users: "This is so exciting!"
  • Apple's widgets are as good as Android's version but then could surpass Android's version due to having the developer support that Android lacks and Apple's version of am app drawer is better to become it's more organised and automated. And yes Apple known how to make something sound exciting and iOS 14 is exciting because it represents real change and a real step forward for iOS.
  • Widgets aren't even available on ios so please tell me how you are able to ascertain they are as good as Android. And somehow the smallest of basic feature additions are considered a "real step forward" this is a minor UI tweak.
  • Err did you miss the WWDC 2020 iOS 14 announcement? Widgets are now a thing on iOS 14 and they look more Visaully impressive than on Android which is full of bland looking and complicated widgets.
  • Errrrrrrrrrrrrr uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you not understand the difference between an announcement and a release? Anyone can show a fancy demo and make it seem magical. You have not used widgets on ios so you have no basis for your opinion that they are better. That is a fact.
  • Beno seems to actually believe his opinions are fact.
  • I want split screen apps so much. You use external devices such as usb pens on iPads and iPhones since iOS 13 so I’m sure USB on the go will work.
  • I could care less about split screen multitasking, I don't use it on my OnePlus 7T and I'm sure if it ever comes to iOS, then Apple will make it easier to implement unlike on Android where it was initially easy to use with Android 8.0 Oreo and then Google made it more convoluted with the extra steps you need to take to enable multitasking with Android 9 Pie.
  • I don’t care for stock android’s implementation but if you have a Samsung phone with good lock it’s easy to use. Split screen apps have been on Samsung phones since 2012. It didn’t first show up in Oreo.
  • I'm talking about PIP, which probably was done on Samsung first as well. I know multitasking has been available on Samsung since 2012.
  • Apple just made the iPhone 10x more fun to use! Good job!
  • Good job copying lol
  • There's nothing wrong with copying, Android had been copying iOS for years and now Apple's just returned the favor.
  • Oh please they copy each other all the time. Where do you think the control centre came form? Or swipe on the keyboard or being able to access more settings from the toggles in control centre or third party keyboards?
  • I know those all came from Android and that's a good thing because they help to improve iOS and in most cases, Apple's implementation of existing Features on Android is better, face ID and Touch ID before them are better than their Android counterparts.
  • Windows phone! (sorry, I couldn't resist)
  • Beat me to it 😂 Swyping was in there way before the rest but the point still stands I guess. I do miss WP though 😢
  • As well as the expanded control center. Windows had a built-in flashlight for instance years before android.
  • iOS 14 looks better than that trashy Windows Phone ever did.
  • your opinion, to which you are entitled, but still just an opinion.
  • And most people shared my opinion of Windows Phone, it bland and boring with hardly any apps and I'm glad Windows Phone died as is many people.
  • Were you that upset when Apple copied WP8's UI identically with iOS 7 and made it what it is today? 😂
  • I didn't like the way iOS 7 looked it was horrible and childish looking. If iOS 7 was inspired WP8 no wonder I didn't like it.
  • Wait, I'm confused ... I was always told by iPhone users that widgets were pointless toys that added clutter; and that app drawers were confusingly redundant links to apps. I can't wait to hear how they revise their comments to claim they were only pointless and confusing until just now.
  • I'll be able to set Chrome and Gmail as the default browser and email client. Sweet.
  • Don't get too excited about Chrome. All browsers on iOS are just "wrappers."They all use Safari as the rendering engine.
  • No need for me to cut and paste links when I'm not in my Google apps on my iPhone. All links open in the Chrome app - that's all I need regardless of the rendering engine.
  • And so what? All I care about is I'm finally able to change the default apps which includes being able to use Chrome by default now in iOS 14 so when I get my iPhone 11 in August I will be looking forward to
  • I'll definitely use Chrome as my default when on my iPhone 11 but not Gmail, I've never truly liked Gmail because I can't mark emails as read like you can with Apple's mail app which I've always preferred and when I receive emails, I always felt received emails much more quickly on Apple's mail app than on Gmail.
  • Huh? You can set ‘swipe right to mark as read’ on Gmail same as you do on Apple’s Mail app. I’ve set it up that way in all my phone’s same goes for Outlook
  • No you can't mark as read on Gmail, you swipe left or right to archive your emails not mark as read on iOS. I cannot speak about outlook as don't use outlook as my outlook account is synced to Gmail.
  • It's actually configurable in Gmail settings on both iOS and Android. I have swipe left for read and swipe right for delete.
  • That dude is delusional. A textbook example of rationalization and confirmation bias. "I only see what I want to see". "What I like is the best because of the way it is".
  • You certainly can mark e-mails as "read".
  • Nice new features! Looking very good. Plus, most probably five years of OS Updates. Android, are you listening?
  • 5? More like 6. The iPhone 6S is a 2015 device that will get (at least) 6 years of support. Wouldn't surprise me to see 7 or 8 years for A11, A12, or A13-powered devices.
  • I'm glad iOS users are getting all the features we've had for years. But it looks like you still can't put apps where you want, for instance just a few near the bottom. email and browser defaults is still sad compared to all the apps your can choose defaults for in Android 10, not to mention homescreen customization. Still for Apple users it's a big step up.
  • Spot on. It's still an absolute nightmare in iOS trying to organise your home screen by shuffling the icons around with no spaces anywhere
  • Now that full-fledged widgets are coming to iOS, all the apps that get developed for iOS first may have widgets. And their Android versions will also have widgets. So more apps with widgets for widget lovers like me.
  • Wow, just wow, iOS 14 is really exciting, and before any Android elitist snobs flame me, I know most of the features of iOS 14 have been taken from Android and so what? I think it's great that iOS users will be able to finally be allowed to change their default app which Android has been able to do since day 1, but I don't bother with as I use Gmail and Chrome but I might use Chrome over Safari in iOS 14 because I think Chrome is better but I still like Safari on iOS though. This is absolutely the right time for me to switch back to iPhone and by the time I get my iPhone 11 in August, iOS 14 will be around the corner. I'll say it again, iOS 14 is more exciting than Android 11 this year because it's bringing features that I've been wanting on iOS for a long time and my favorite features of iOS 14 are the the app permissions, ability to change your default apps and picture in picture which will be great for Netflix, YouTube premium and Amazon Prime Video.
  • But where's the one important feature they need to steal the most which is also the most useful.....Always On Display??? One day.......🙄
  • I couldn't car less about AOD, none of my Android phones have it, so don't need it. iOS 14 is finally getting the features that I care about, which are picture in picture, choosing default apps (even if it's just the mail and browser), calls no longer taking up the whole screen now. Those are features that I care about.
  • I don't really care what's important to you or the features you don't care about tbh? I care about what's important to me and MANY other users. I've been using Always On Display on most of my Windows and Android phones since 2013 yet not one of my iPhones has had it despite moving to OLED screens years ago and actually getting their awful battery life in check with the current phones. It's a killer feature that's much needed. Even Apple watch has it now albeit you still can't use it in nightstand mode which is just stupid
  • Only a minority of Android users like you care about AOD, It doesn't at anything of significance on my phone.
  • I'm an iPhone user but hey...🙄
  • My dude, take a breath. We’re talking about a clock here. A clock that’s always on. Android stole their clock idea from ancient Sumerians! Let’s pull our panties out of our asses, and stop calling something that I used to get in a cereal box as a “killer feature”. Aod is a clock, it is not revolutionary, or a new idea. My VCR used to have an AOD clock on it in 1993. Beat that mr. 2013 androids have clocks on all the time.
  • I can’t Luke. It’s my mission in life to shake Apple by the throat until they accept the beauty of the Always on Display 🤷🏽😂. They never gave their users the good old L.E.D notification light and now most manufacturers have replaced that with AOD they need to get on board. I know it’s mostly a clock but I can see my battery level, notifications and other things with merely a glance. Nokia and Microsoft did it Androids copied it so I’m sure Apple could “invent it and claim all the glory and I’d rest easy glancing at my phone from afar
  • I agree it's so hard to go back after having used any kind of aod on a device. It feels like such a backward step and I'm really surprised apple haven't implemented this feature yet.
  • Apple is changing (ok, stole!) some litle things... not good news for apple users!;D
  • It's great news for Apple users, and represents real change for iOS for the first time in a long time. I'm fed up with you childish Android fanboys playing down any new features Apple introduce into each new version of iOS. It's not as if Android hasn't been copying from iOS because it has also, both copy from each other and that's a good thing.
  • All those updates but they still don't allow you to place apps anywhere on the screen. Apple, still thinking inside the box. Smh
  • Let’s give credit where it’s due. PIP didn’t come in Oreo. It has been available on Samsung phones since 2012 when it debuted on the galaxy S3. I got it on my original galaxy note with the ice cream sandwich update.
  • I refuse to give credit to Samsung, because Google made PIP a native Android feature in 2017 with Android 8.0 Oreo and I'm excited that it's coming to iOS 14, yay.
  • The Widgets look more like WP Live Tiles tbh
  • Picture in picture is the same that iPad have from iOS 9 in 2015.
  • I'm surprised in this day and age we still need to be talking about which operating system is better than the other and who copied who. Does it matter in the end? Nobody is forced to use one device or the other so let's all enjoy the features we currently use on the systems we love. I've been an Android user for years and switched to iOS for about 6 months back in the days of the iPhone 4. Frankly it did bore me and felt limited but iOS has come a long way now and I appreciate what it currently offers and will offer with the next version to the point it has gotten my interest in the next iPhone. One thing I do love about my Pixel 3A XL is the call screen feature though. Aside from that I don't use widgets and my homescreen has 5 icons and the rest are in the drawer. I am excited to see the features in iOS 14 and the fact that way older devices are still supported leaves me wishing Google did the same with their Pixel line.
  • Finally a voice of reason, I got bored with iPhone back in 2017 after switching back and forth between iPhone and Android for 2 years prior but that's only because I didn't have an iPad to go with it but the truth is I've always loved iPhone as it was my first smartphone way back in 2013 with the 4S and then the 5s and then 6s Plus after having a Moto G and Nexus 6 and them a couple of Chinese phones and then an iPhone 6s Plus again and then switched to Android permanently in early 2018 and I can say that I've given Android a real good go after almost 3 years but the truth is I've been missing iPhone for a while now and feel it suits what I want in a phone more than Android does, I don't customise my phone beyond setup and I know most people with an iPhone and the improvement iOS has made since I last had an iPhone has convinced me to switch back for good and iOS 14 has only reinforced my belief that it's the right time to switch back to iPhone with an iPhone 11. It feels like I'm going home don't get me wrong, I like Android a lot but I've realized other than being able to watch the latest TV shows on apps from the Play Store and outside the Play Store, I feel that Android doesn't as appeal to me as much. Truth is I only left Apple because I was mad at them about the whole "battery gate" thing back in 2017 and I'm switching back because of the improvements in iOS and as a visually impaired person, Apple has better features for people with disabilities, better app quality, far better software support and Apple is generally more exciting to me than anything on Android, especially now. I feel that Android is stagnating and Apple is on a role.
  • Wait until Apple invents the the tear shaped top notch and then later on the hole punch one!!! It will be a game changer...
  • @David Peterson "Apple is playing "catch up" again. Just like Android had NFC years before Apple" Apple had NFC since 2014 with the iPhone 6, before then NFC was as about as much use as mouldy tomatoes.
  • It's expected that the two primary OS's would get closer to parity. I use both, and I'm glad to FINALLY git rid of my "Misc" folder to stick unused apps! I do use PIP, but only once in a while. What's more important to me is actual multitasking which iPhones can't do yet. I do use widgets, but I don't pay them a lot of attention since they've been around for so long. The comments section is full of fun, lol, as expected. Still waiting for the iOS update that will make music acceptable on iPhones though, but that's a hardware thing.
  • What are you talking about? Music is fine on iPhones and most people are happy with music on the iPhone, I prefer the audio experience on iPhones to Android but that's subjective.
  • Most people are happy with music on iPhones and Samsungs because they don't know better, but I can't fault them for that. It's like someone who has an impression that a Ford Escape is good handling, and for them it is, but you are not going to convince a BMW, Ferrari, or Porsche driver of that 😉 I'm a professional recording studio and live concert engineer, so I might be a little more into the music than most, lol. Not everyone's gonna care if they can hear the reed vibrate against the mouthpiece of the saxophone in "Open Road" by the Yellowjackets at the 30 second mark anyways. Even I don't want it THAT intense all the time! I kinda wish you lived closer so you could hear a few things for yourself. Not to convert you, because I think an iPhone is a better fit for you anyway, but to let you hear what's out there (I've got lots of headphones for you to try too!). If you liked what you heard, you might do well with a Dragonfly Black and a Lighting to USB adapter on your iPhone 11. But if you prefer to go with the phone alone, that's fine too.
  • I've got a pair of Aventree Bluetooth headphones and 1 thing I don't like about the Android phones I've used when it comes to audio is that they're not as dynamic as the iPhone when listening to music, especially in their choices of modes when I had my iPhone 6s Plus there was this mode I always put my music on called nighttime mode or something like that (I'm sure it's mode still exists in iOS 13) and along with bass booster the audio experience was great for me as I like a lot of bass and I feel my OnePlus 7T is a bit lacking there but the stereo speakers are great on my 7T and the best speakers I've had but still not quite as good as the iPhone though but very close and better than every other Android phone I've had including my old Pixel 2 XL which also has duel stereo speakers. Anyway you're right, I think the iPhone is definitely a better fit for me.
  • If I can't make Google Maps the default, no thanks. Also, the widgets are ugly. I might find an iPhone acceptable by 2040 at this rate.
  • Not only make Google Maps default but have them have feature parity too. Still no Speedometer on the iOS app but that’s probably as much Googles fault for not adding it tbf but I’d definitely want that as my default maps app along with being able to select a default Music app
  • Tbe iPhone widgets are nicer looking than their Android counterparts, but you forget that now widgets are a thing on iOS, it means more widedpread adoption of widgets on Android. But your narrow minded pride won't let you appreciate why people love iPhones and iOS.
  • That's your opinion, and I don't share it. I much prefer Android widgets. Why don't you toddle off to iMore?
    P.S. We have three iPhones, an iPad and a MacBook at our house, so I'm hardly biased.
  • You have 3 iPhones in your household but you're still biased. So don't try and say you're not, for me most of Apple's widgets are more pleasing to look at along with the memojis which are far better than Samsung's memojis clone, Animojis which looks like a dated PS1 game with those ugly jagged edges.
  • I think Apple's widgets are ugly. I don't use memoji or animoji, so I have no opinion on that. What are you trying to prove here? That your OPINION is more valid than mine? (It's not) How is my preferring Android widgets biased? Maybe you're biased.
  • Of course I'm biased, I never said otherwise, but you're just as biased as I am, towards Android in everything now just widgets.
  • So, because I prefer Android widgets, you've decided that I'm biased toward everything Android.
  • You can’t really comment on the appearance of widgets yet. These are apples own apps, no 3rd party apps yet. Once developers start adding their own, we’ll have a better idea as far as how they compare to android.
  • The Android fanboys won't admit it but the have some interest in Apple otherwise why comment on the recent Apple articles that AC have done lately? Lol.